October 22, 2013

WP Weekly (Photo) Challenge: Hue of You—Olive Green



Hugs for Tom and his wife in Germantown, Pennsylvania



The WordPress weekly photo challenge for October 18, 2013, is the hue of you.

Monochromatic olive green outfit

Monochromatic olive green outfit

In September 2013, after a wet and soggy and nearly sunless summer in Southwestern Pennsylvania, my husband Monte and I traveled up the New England coast. Except for about 20 minutes in downtown Boston, where we took refuge at during a too-familiar downpour, we had perfect weather.

The day we crossed the border from Vermont into New York State we were reminded of the weather we left back in Pennsylvania’s Ligonier Valley (although reports were that the weather there was pretty nice during September).

Apparently the weather back home in the Ligonier Valley improved. It was hot and humid but not raining. And we had evidence that this was true.

When we arrived to our cottage-style home, located near running streams under a canopy of hemlock pines, maple, and oak trees, I received a rude awakening. Our 32-day absence, with the house closed up, yielded a layer of surface mold on our walls. I immediately went into a frenzy of wall-washing with hot soapy water, white vinegar, and peroxide (I’d read this was superior to using just bleach).

With the pictures off the wall I decided it was a great opportunity to update the 12-year-old paint job. And I knew without a doubt that I wanted to change the color.

In 2008 Monte and I traveled to New England via Philadelphia. Not the most direct route, but I wanted to do research at the Pennsylvania Historical Society.

While there we visited an old friend of Monte’s from his Buffalo, New York, days. Monte had chosen Tom to be a groomsman at his wedding. We hadn’t seen Tom for years, and as fate would have it, we were there near our anniversary.

We found Tom’s house and visited before leaving for an evening out.

While sitting in Tom’s neat living room I was intrigued by the color combination—light olive green walls with dark olive trim.

What struck me about the color combination? I never would have chosen olive green for my walls, even though I painted our fireplace brick a gray-olive, a color that seemed to accent the light orange on the walls.

Yet the color combination was very appealing. So appealing that I decided right then and there that if I ever were to repaint my living room I would choose to copy Tom’s colors.

We headed out to hurriedly purchase paint. A layer of kilz to combat future mold. Light olive for the walls and dark olive for the trim.

The walls are painted. The living room is almost uncluttered.


And as I enjoy my morning coffee I admire the colors of the fresh paint. And after I drain my cup and place my finished newspaper on the couch I pick up a book written by Maryanne E. Hoffman, a friend of mine.

Olive green embroidery bag

Olive green embroidery bag

Maryanne, a friend who is a student and teacher of the meaning of colors, wrote The Rainbow in Your Life, a complete guide and workbook on how color empowers your life and dreams. Here are a few excerpts from that book:

  • Green is the color of spring and all abundance of life. it is the essence of life vibrating in growth. Its subtle influence and effect upon you can be used to serve your every need.
  • pastels are colors that contain a large amount of white and are the lightest form of a color. Tints (which I chose because anything lighter looked white) are colors that contain white and are more saturated in hue than pastels. The gentle quality of pastels and tints soften the effects of the main color. Pastels are considered spiritual colors that evoke a sense of weightlessness, buoyancy and lightness.
  • Monochromatic is the combination of one or more pastels, tints, shades, or tones of eh same color. This is one of the most pleasing and balanced color combinations.
  • Most soothing to the eyes, green suggests coolness in warm weather and warmth in cool weather. It is restful and pleasant to the body. It gives the feeling of hope, and evokes a sense of well being
  • …olive green is a tone of green. …You approach life with a narrow viewpoint or a one sided vision.
  • You are prudent and contrived to a fault. You camouflage your true feelings behind a quiet and conservative personality.
  • Of my combining olive green with a peach tint she writes:
    green and orange This cool and warm combination is clashing and very bright to the eyes…Vivid and deep shades of green and light orange, particularly peach, is very appealing and warm and inviting for the home, office and dining.
  • Green with Orange—You desire a friendly and warm relationship that allows you to exercise your free-will. You project a mature adventurous and gregarious spirit.
Same olive green dress with a casual blousy top

Same olive green dress with a casual blousy top

I went on to explore more, specifically about olive green, on the Internet.

Each colour comes in different variations, or nuances to use the correct term. Green for example can be chartreuse, dark sea green, forest green, green yellow, lawn green, lightgreen, lightseagreen, lime, limegreen, medium aquamarine, medium sea green, medium spring green, pale green, sea green, spring green, teal, yellow green, dark green, dark olive green, olive, olive drab.

Olive is a kind of muddy green color…In actuality, it is really a shade of dark yellow (when gray or is added to yellow, the various shades of the color olive are produced). Some dark shades of olive can also be made by mixing a darker color (like brown) with green.

There is a mineral called olivine that is colored a pale olive color.

Olive green is the traditional color of peace.

OLIVE GREEN – A “scrooge”

Olive green dress accented with a colorful scarf.

Olive green dress accented with a colorful scarf.

Olive green is a color choice that is making a comeback. Olive green interiors got a bad rap in the 1970s for being dull and lifeless, but the organic shade, when coordinated with another modern color, can look ultra stylish in a current day bedroom. Wood tones and rich shades of yellow, black or purple help add definition to an olive green room and result in a dramatic space that invites you in.

Section of olive green Oriental carpet

Section of olive green Oriental carpet

I can mull over the meaning of olive green daily, but it’s time to move on to another topic.




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