October 22, 2013

WP Weekly (Photo) Challenge: Hue of You—Olive Green



Hugs for Tom and his wife in Germantown, Pennsylvania



The WordPress weekly photo challenge for October 18, 2013, is the hue of you.

Monochromatic olive green outfit

Monochromatic olive green outfit

In September 2013, after a wet and soggy and nearly sunless summer in Southwestern Pennsylvania, my husband Monte and I traveled up the New England coast. Except for about 20 minutes in downtown Boston, where we took refuge at during a too-familiar downpour, we had perfect weather.

The day we crossed the border from Vermont into New York State we were reminded of the weather we left back in Pennsylvania’s Ligonier Valley (although reports were that the weather there was pretty nice during September).

Apparently the weather back home in the Ligonier Valley improved. It was hot and humid but not raining. And we had evidence that this was true.

When we arrived to our cottage-style home, located near running streams under a canopy of hemlock pines, maple, and oak trees, I received a rude awakening. Our 32-day absence, with the house closed up, yielded a layer of surface mold on our walls. I immediately went into a frenzy of wall-washing with hot soapy water, white vinegar, and peroxide (I’d read this was superior to using just bleach).

With the pictures off the wall I decided it was a great opportunity to update the 12-year-old paint job. And I knew without a doubt that I wanted to (more…)

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