October 20, 2013

WP Daily Prompt for October 19, 2013: Home Sweet Home



Hug for Monte




The wordpress daily prompt for October 19, 2013, is Home Sweet Home: When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

Newspaper fetched.
Stereo programmed.
Cats accounted for.
Couch (or porch swing in the summer) cleaned off.
Footstool in place.
Blanket and telephone nearby.

NOW I can wake up.

Not arise from bed, but wake up—something I’m slow in doing, something I take my time doing. I’ve learned that this slow start energizes me for my activities of the day.


In September 2013 my husband Monte and I traveled up the coast of New England starting in Groton, Connecticut and Newport, Rhode Island, then up the coast to East Lamoine, Maine, on Frenchman Bay.
The most difficult part wasn’t living out of the silver/blue tin can (automobile). It wasn’t too much togetherness, since we managed to get through the travel without slaughtering each other (after 47 years of marriage we’ve managed to learn how to negotiate many of the bumps of relationship).

My most difficult adjustment was the disruption of my morning routine: slouching on the end of our couch (or porch swing) with everything I need within reach until I finally “wake up.”

While traveling there were some days I woke up and we needed to be on the road a.s.a.p.. This elicited a call to my grouch side. Other days we wandered, me bleary-eyed, to where a continental breakfast was served, usually accompanied by a wake-up conversation with other travelers. This wasn’t a bad way to rejuvenate for the day, but it still wasn’t my quiet time.

There were a few mornings that we ate in our room because there was no continental breakfast where we spent the night. I’d slither to the motel office to get a cup of coffee (if my luck held and these motels offered coffee). If we were lucky enough there was a morning paper and there was time to enjoy these delights.

Arriving back home I returned to my morning routine, our cats cuddling on my lap (they were so happy to see us back home that they didn’t begin their snub routine for a week). Ah, to sit on my enclosed porch on the swing and view the colorful red leaves set against the green of the hemlock pines.

Since I’m writing this while traveling to the grocery store (no, I’m not driving, Monte is) I asked him what he missed during our travel.

“I would have missed you but you were with me.”

Good answer.

He said he also missed his morning routine, where he sits with breakfast and the Sudokos and other puzzles that come with the newspaper. He nourishes his body and his mind during his morning routine, when he knows not to talk to me too much until the feathers are swept from my head by my morning routine.

So I complete this writing while riding on a dark and stormy night while pondering a good night’s rest followed by enjoying my morning coffee and my Sunday morning newspaper.

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