October 3, 2013

Autumn Leaf-Peeping, Shopping, and Touring in New England



Hug for Kerry


Jay Peak, Vermont

Jay Peak, Vermont

I find it strange that through the years I’ve been asked two questions concerning my after-summer trips to New England:

  • Are you leaf-peeping?
  • Are you going to the outlet malls?
  • Are you doing the “touristy” things like visiting the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island or Nantucket off the shores of Cape Cod?

My response is

  • I can step out my front door and leaf peep, and I can see the most gorgeous leaves right here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In fact, autumn leaves in Southwestern Pennsylvania rival Maine’s display any day.
  • Why would I travel to New England to shop at outlet malls when we have superior outlet malls close to home on Rt. 208 in Grove City?
  • Most of our New England visits have centered on researching my genealogy, researching information for my historic romance novel, or visiting friends and relatives, and making new friends.

On our last visit to New England, five years ago, I suggested to my husband Monte that we build in some touristy events. Thus, we visited a Rhode Island mansion and a beach, and we cruised out to the Isles of Shoals.

Again, on this our 2013 trip, we planned touristy events: Nantucket Island, a lighthouse tour, and walking around Boston, where we visited both Cheers bars.

I must admit we also shopped at the outlet mall in Kittery, Maine. Monte left his sneakers home and we planned to climb a mountain, so he needed to find sturdy shoes. I also wandered through several stores.

And at12:50 p. m. on October 2, 2013, after having brunch with my distant relative, Doris des Isles, in Brewer (Maine) we caved in and officially became leaf-peepers in New England. We have to be, unless we drive at night.

Brunch with Doris was the last event of MY vacation. Together, Monte and I will visit Derby Line in Vermont (a later post coming). Meanwhile, we are thoroughly enjoying the change in leaf color from multi shades of green to autumn’s glorious reds and golds. The hill- and mountain-sides in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are becoming a blaze of color.




When we leave Derby Line I will turn the vacation over to Monte. We will visit both his sisters en route back home. En route, we will enjoy the changing leaves in New York State.
And when we return home to Southwestern Pennsylvania we will arrive in time to view the autumn leaf show there—which should be spectacular:

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania is headed toward a colorful fall, with plenty of red, orange and yellow foliage.
    The rainy summer won’t dim the leaves’ colors, said Forbes State Park district forester Edward Callahan, based in Laughlintown (our mailing address—this office is easily walkable from our home).
    “We’re on track to have a nice fall foliage,” he said.
    The brilliance of the leaves can be affected by too much rain, or strong storms that knock leaves to the ground. Lots of rain and high humidity can cause diseases on the surface of leaves, Callahan said.
    “I don’t think we’ve seen that,” he said. “We’ve had a pretty nice August.” *

And so, our official leaf peeping will be extended in time and place—our own front yard.

I wonder. Do I get a badge for being an official outlet shopper, leaf-peeper, and tourist? If so, send it to me at the Laughlintown Post Office, Box 300, Pennsylvania, 15655.



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  1. So perhaps you would like to travel south for the winter, there are lots of things to see.


    Comment by Fred Wells — October 3, 2013 @ 12:27 pm | Reply

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