October 1, 2013

October 2013 Welcome Message


September 1: A Labor Day picnic at Sandy and Michael’s, my daughter and son-in-law.

September 3: My husband Monte and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.

September 4: Monte and I began traveling to and up the New England coast doing historical and genealogical research; visiting friends and relatives; visiting beaches, and just plain sightseeing.

October 1: We are still on the road, currently in Lamoine, Maine, staying at the SeaCat’s Rest, which offers stupendous accommodations on the Jordan River. While here I’m clarifying background for part of my novel.

Those of you who are following Carolyn’s Compositions are reading some highlights of our travels. We explored a submarine at Groton, Connecticut. In Rhode Island we visited the Quonset Air Museum, took a lighthouse cruise in Narragansett Bay, visited the old Cornell cemetery, and attended a Greek festival. On to Boston where we visited  both Cheers bars, and where Monte toured Fenway field while I did research at the Massachusetts Historical Society. While at my cousin’s on Cape Cod Monte painted windows and helped store summer furniture and we took a ferry to Nantucket.

On to New Hampshire where we visited Stonehenge, and explored Portsmouth, where we walked across the new Memorial Bridge, visited the  Athenaeum, stopped on Spring Street, participated in National Hug Day, and took photographs from the roof of the Rockingham Hotel.

Maine, finally. We had a tour of Castine and visited an apple orchard and corn maze in Bangor.

Along the way we stopped at many beaches, including Hampton, Wallis Sands, Popham and Old Orchard.

However, the most valuable part of our travel is the people we meet. We visited Cappy’s Bar in Newport (R. I.) to say Hi to John Cornell. In Massachusetts we visited Monte’s niece Amy and husband Randy  in Weymouth; his nephew Gaylord and wife Dale in Pocasset; my cousins Bob in Dennisport and Karin in Bridgewater.  We met Janet, a Holocaust survivor, and one of the participants from the Upper Room Devotional site. In Maine we visited with Slippery Rock friends W. G. and Nancy in Castine, Maine; my niece Erin and her family, and a distant relative, Doris des Isles.

Our travels continue into October with an uncertain return-home date. I’ll return home with what I call a “reverse guest book” which holds the signatures of many of the persons we’ve communicated with along the way.

While traveling we are grateful for the house-sitter is caring for our cats and plants.

All is well for now. I hope you enjoy reading our travel snippits, and may you enjoy the colors of autumn wherever you live.



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