September 26, 2013

Good Morning in Many Languages

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Hugs to Randy and Amy, our gracious hosts for several days


As Found

In My Reverse Guest Book

Kittery, Maine

Kittery, Maine

Along the road on our New England journey my husband Monte and I have met many interesting people. Many of these brief encounters were with foreigners.

We’ve also added something interesting to our travel—what I call a reverse guest book. Each person we interact with we ask to sign a special notebook. Very few persons have declined to sign. A review of this book (along with the notes I keep) has provided us with a memory jag as, in our rapid-fire activities, we lose sight of our experiences.

At the start of our travels we met travelers from Wales. Years ago I replaced a Welch woman as a research laboratory technician. She taught me a greeting in Welch which I forgot, so I asked the Welch woman, Rachel, to write (more…)

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