September 24, 2013

W-P Daily Prompt for 9/10/2013: Six (word story about my dream)



Hugs for the Beanery Writers Group members


America’s next great historical-romance novel (is) written

The wordpress September 10, 2013, prompt is to Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post .

My six-word story describing my dream:

America’s next great historical-romance novel written

How appropo that this prompt is consistent with one of the main purposes of the New England travel my husband and I are now experiencing: to glean details necessary for historical accuracy in my upcoming novel, to continue writing said novel, and to even possibly schedule one or more novel-under-construction readings.

The first part, gleaning necessary details, is already begun.

For 7 years I’ve sought information on the Hingham Packet, the sailing vessel in which my main character, Madame de Leval, traveled from Boston to Trenton, Maine. A visit to the collections room at the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut provided the details on this vessel.

It also clarified to me some points about sailing vessels. A sloop has one mast, for example. A schooner may have 2-5 masts. And a packet is a boat that keeps to a schedule regardless of whether it has a full load or not, and can be any one of a number of sailing vessel types.

In a letter written by Gen. Henry Jackson to Gen. Henry Knox, Jackson stated that he had hired a Hingham packet to transport Madame from Boston to Trenton.

I further understood about the beginning of Madame’s travel to Maine, when the captain of the Hingham Packet had to turn into Nantasket Bay after passing the Boston Lighthouse. A storm arose and continuing the journey was dangerous. A visit to Nantasket Beach, with the Boston Lighthouse in the distance, provided that understanding.

Boston Lighthouse in the distance.

Boston Lighthouse in the distance.

A  visit to the Massachusetts Historical Society provided access to some of General Jackson’s papers that I knew existed but hadn’t accessed sufficiently previously.

But equally important is the encouragement I’ve received from people, from a couple I met at the Greek festival in Cranston, Rhode Island, to my assistant at the Massachusetts Historical Society, a librarian at Redwood  Library in Newport, Rhode Island, and many others.

  • I have the fullest confidence in the completion of this novel.
  • Carolyn, you must finish your book…the world is waiting and I look forward to reading your book.
  • May the beauty of your heart ultimately be expressed in the beauty of wordsl You will write that book!!
  • It’s a great story…I wondered why you were seeking land speculation records when writing a romance story.
  • Let us know when its written…(possible book reading at this library?)
  • And encouragement from my home front in the form of an agent wanting first dibs on reading my novel.

Thus, my six-word story expresses my hope that in the near future my book will be completed (that perhaps I have sufficient lifetime left to complete it) and I can share its story with the world.



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  1. Carolyn, congratulations on your book! I know you’ve had a great journey up the east coast.
    thanks for sharing your travels with us.

    Comment by merry — September 24, 2013 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

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