July 30, 2013

WP Daily Prompt 7/28/2013: Your Life Without Computer



Hug for Walter, whose health problems are getting the best of him

 WP DAILY PROMPT 7/28/2013



 The wordPress daily prompt for July 28, 2013, was Your Life Without Computer: What would it look like?


White clouds against a light blue sky and a slight breeze accent the people-filled Ligonier Diamond during a summer concert presented by the Penn-Trafford Community Band.

Before the concert we were telling a friend, Lynn, about the Hungarian picnic we’d attended at Bethlen Homes earlier in the day. We mentioned the pig they roasted, and I pulled out my laptop to show her a picture.


As the concert plays a section of Tomorrow I am writing this post. When it is finished I will attempt to write some poetry—necessarily crude because it is to be written by Mary, a character in my novel whose passion is writing poetry. Living on a farm in a remote part of Downeast Maine help her with her passion.

As a paraprofessional writer in multi-genres I have become lazy but more prolific in my writing due to the advantages of the computer. I type, cut and paste, arrange written thoughts and ideas with ease.

As a paraprofessional photographer I find the photoshops available to me are a great improvement over the darkroom chemicals, the disposal of which and the inhaling of which both create real problems.

I often wonder what would happen if the computer would become a non-entity in my life.

As the notes of Danny Boy float over me I know that regardless I will never stop writing or doing photography.


The writing would revert back to pen/pencil and/or the typewriter, paper, scissors, and tape, And the difficulty of reading my cursive writing, which continually deteriorated as I wrote college notes at the speed of a descending roller coaster.

My writing would be less prolific, and  I would lose racing thoughts during the time I recorded my original thought.

As the band proceeds by playing The Thunderer by John Philip Sousa I consider another issue that would arise with the loss of the computer—the cost of and accumulation of print photography.


My husband never interferes with my purchasing is a digital camera. He sees the clutter of the 50-plus boxes of print photographs, 40 of which accumulated during a ten-year period after which I purchased a quality camera when I was active doing journalism.

Since my reversion to digital photography the print photographs have dramatically decreased—the decrease accompanied by a parallel decrease in the cost.

Were the computer to disappear off the scene two things would happen. I would begin again accumulating print photographs with their cost, and I would lose access to all the digital photographs I have taken.  A true loss.

I recognize the shakiness of the electronics giant that has entered all of our lives. But I hope that the computer would never go away. I hope that somehow, somewhere, we can contain the beast.


As I complete this post the band starts to play The Best of the Beatles—Hey Jude etc.

My hope is that neither quality music nor the computer will never pass away. That I and my future generations will benefit from the best each has to offer.

In response to the prompt suggestion Life After Blogs, I note the advantages of my blog, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS:

  • it provides a platform for my writing
  • it allowed people to connect with me, especially the two sisters my mother released for adoption who discovered their birth family through CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS

Having finished this post I will now try to write some non-professional poetry for my novel. Meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoys the best of the computer world as much as I am enjoying Georgia on My Mind, the band’s piece playing as I complete this post.



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