July 2, 2013

Celebrating 1000 Posts on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS




I was—and still am—mystified.

Why did my post Groundhog Day—Children’s Stories & Poems accumulate the highest number of visits ever on February 2, 2013?

2092 visits that day for a groundhog post?

True, it was Groundhog Day. Still, 2092 is an exorbitant number of visits for my rinky-dink little blog. What adds to the mystery is that this blog still receives visits on a regular basis—accumulating 5386 visits to date. It is the 4th most visited post, following Home page / Archives (37,387),  CHILD ABUSE AND SCRIPTURE (8695), and THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 1) (6426).


Statistically, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS ranks 1,389,365th among wordpress blogs in the United States, and 5,936,285th globally.**

I’m a miniscule, little runt among 67,838,445 other blogs hosted by wordPress.** My measly 231,052 post visits in 5 years, 4 months, have come from all over the globe.

So what if my site is miniscule? It’s been viewed by readers in Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Jordan, Egypt (I can even identify some of the readers in these contries), as well as Russia, Brazil, and other countries too numerous to list—including some I have never heard of.  It’s a global connection in a small package.

 I believe it’s not the size of something that makes it a success. It’s the quality and the response.

As for quality, I’ll let my readers be the judge.


But for the response I do have some input.

Perhaps the greatest value of CAROLYN’S CREATIONS came from its connections and interactions. On January 19, 2011, the following comment appeared on CAROLYN’S BIO (and another post—repeated 3 times):


I’m not sure HOW I found you and not sure where to write this, but PLEASE CONTACT ME. My mother is adopted, and I recently helped her get her REAL birth certificate (she was denied in earlier years) and we JUST got her REAL birth certificate. She was born in…(comment edited due to private information…Carolyn)

My response? I’m being spammed, I told my husband. However, what could it hurt to dial the given phone number?

I wasn’t being spammed—the mother referred to was an infant released for adoption by my mother in 1953.

The following comment—de ja vous?—arrived on February 7, 2012:

Last month I requested, and received from Massachusetts, a copy of my “non-certified” pre-adoption birth record naming (removed for privacy) as my birth mother…Very much by accident I stumbled upon your blog while attempting to locate any information…It’s taken some time to get off the emotional roller coaster and muster up the courage to write this.  I will be more than happy to e-mail you a copy of this birth record, along with pictures….

Spam? It happens that my mother released two infant daughters for adoption. Both had discovered me (and no, there are no more…). Read Oprah and I: Adoption Reunion Experiences and Sister’s Day: 2012—Sisters Meet After 63 Years.

A response to these two discoveries was a controversial post of exploration, My Mother’s Secret: An Adoption Story.

Perhaps the most tragic connection evolved from the following comment on THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 3):

I and my family are from Nowy Targ.  My father’s name was Alojzy singer.  I was a hidden child.  I and my father survived.  the rest of the family did not.  The Singers had a large hardware store on the Rynek.  I would love to be in touch with anyone from that town.  I am sure that my father and Mr. Mendler knew each other.

I immediately took a copy of this comment to Bob. He and Janet spoke once before Bob’s death on my birthday, December 10th. I was honored to speak at his funeral— Robert and Janet: Nowy Targ Holocaust Survivors


Interaction is also an important part of my blog. Perhaps the most interactive posts are KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY  and IN SEARCH OF THE ARABELLA: A Story of Two Boats


I found myself blogging politics this year:  Pa. House Bill 162: Adult Adoptees Right to Access Original Birth Certificate, Sign to Support Adoptee Rights to Their Original Birth Certificates and Should Negro Mountain’s (in Pa/Md) Name Be Changed?


999 posts ago my first wordPress post, made on February 7, 2008, was NORTHERN BAYBERRY YIELDS READY-MADE CANDLES. It was followed by a February 7th post BAD WRITING CONTEST ENTRY, and a February 10th post, OH, TO CLIMB SCHOODIC MOUNTAIN (Maine).

Since then I’ve written on Biblical/Devotions, creatures, food, writing, journal/memoir, photography—view the category list on the right of the blog site—a true multi-genre magazine.


Through my first thousand posts I learned a lot. A 3-part series I wrote on the value of blogging expands some my thoughts about blogging: Blogging: Does it Have Value? Part 1 . Another post explains What My Blog Title Means to Me.


I have no regrets on creating and following through a weblog. Its magazine format has allowed me to explore many subjects. Its results have been beyond any expectations I had when I began. With all the experience I’ve gained I still remain unsavvy on blogging. Perhaps as I make my way through my second thousand posts I will gain more expertise.

I would like to think that this blog offers something for everyone. I invite you to explore your interests here, and to comment when possible.


I extend a word of gratitued to my readers, and especially to those who subscribe. Without your encouragement I probably wouldn’t have posted 1000 times.

I invite you to celebrate with me, and enjoy the fireworks on this post, and the July 4th fireworks that coincide with the timing of CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS 1000th post celebration.   









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