July 2, 2013

Celebrating 1000 Posts on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS




I was—and still am—mystified.

Why did my post Groundhog Day—Children’s Stories & Poems accumulate the highest number of visits ever on February 2, 2013?

2092 visits that day for a groundhog post?

True, it was Groundhog Day. Still, 2092 is an exorbitant number of visits for my rinky-dink little blog. What adds to the mystery is that this blog still receives visits on a regular basis—accumulating 5386 visits to date. It is the 4th most visited post, following Home page / Archives (37,387),  CHILD ABUSE AND SCRIPTURE (8695), and THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 1) (6426).


Statistically, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS ranks 1,389,365th among wordpress blogs in the United States, and 5,936,285th globally.**

I’m a miniscule, little runt among 67,838,445 other blogs hosted by wordPress.** My measly 231,052 post visits in 5 years, 4 months, have come from all over the globe.

So what if my site is miniscule? It’s been viewed by readers in Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Jordan, Egypt (I can even identify some of the readers in these contries), as well as Russia, Brazil, and other countries too numerous to list—including some I have never heard of.  It’s a global connection in a small package.

 I believe it’s not the size of something that makes it a success. It’s the quality and the response.

As for quality, I’ll let my readers be the judge.


But for the response I do have some input.

Perhaps the greatest value of CAROLYN’S CREATIONS came from its connections and interactions. On January 19, 2011, the following comment appeared on CAROLYN’S BIO (and another post—repeated 3 times):


I’m not sure HOW I found you and not sure where to write this, but PLEASE CONTACT ME. My mother is adopted, and I recently helped her get her REAL birth certificate (she was denied in earlier years) and we JUST got her REAL birth certificate. She was born in…(comment edited due to private information…Carolyn)

My response? I’m being spammed, I told my husband. However, what could it hurt to (more…)

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