June 20, 2013

This WordPress Site Is Malfunctioning


Update: The problem isn’t completely resolved, but I discovered I can access the edit icons. The continuing problem is that only one icon shows, and only when the little arrow is over it. I’d like to get the edit row to be completely visivle as I do posting, but I can manage as it is.

Have you read this post:

WP Daily Prompt 3/4/2013: A Story Written Using No “N”, Another With No “E”

To my steady and other readers: Please be patient.

I apologize for the interruption in posting. CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS is temporarily (I hope) disabled. The edit bar and its correction, as well as the kitchen sink icon, are missing from my post and edit post locations.

In checking, my other two wordPress blogs (Intertwined Love @ and the Beanery Writers Online Literary Magazine @ are experiencing the same problem.

My husband and I have spent quite a bit of time attempting to solve the problem, with no success.

Is there any other wordPress blog experiencing this difficulty?

I had hopes post 995 would be completed on schedule on June 18. However, there has been no resolution to this problem thus far. I am waiting patiently to hear from the wordpress folks.

Please enjoy some of the older 994 posts during this disruption.  Thank you.

Carolyn Cornell Holland


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