June 18, 2013

WP Daily Prompt 1/16/2013: Bookworm—The Coquette

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WP DAILY PROMPT 6/16/2013:
THE COQUETTE: The History of Eliza Wharton
by Hannah Webster Foster


The Coquette is a short novel, a tragic romance I found on the computer. This eBook has no copyright restrictions.


I always enjoy it when the wordPress daily prompts coincide with my own plans, as did the June 16, 2013, prompt, Bookworm, did: Tell us about the last book you read.

On June 16th I had just finished reading The Coquette: The History of Eliza Wharton, written in 1797 by a minister’s wife.

I chose to read it for several reasons:

  • the date it was written coincides with the time frame of my own historical romance novel
  • although I married a physicist, I became married to a minister when he changed careers
  • much of the romance here following is truth, veritable truth
  • this book precedence in interest as well of all American novels, at least throughout New England, and was found, in every cottage within its borders, beside the family Bible, and though pitifully, yet almost as carefully treasured

For this post I opt to review the views of marriage in the late 1700s as presented in The Coquette.


Eliza Wharton a woman with strangely fluctuating moods, as the truly gifted ever are, and of a wild, incomprehensible nature, little understood by those who should have known her best…
This creative woman, who wrote poetry, found herself making a choice between two men, one virtuous, the other a (more…)

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