June 2, 2013

June 2013 Welcome Message


May brought unexpected activities.

It began and ended with memorial services A 19-year-old New York woman was T-boned, on the driver side of her car, by a tri-axle truck on the driver side of her car. Needless to say, we went to her memorial service. Our friend Russ died and we attended his memorial service in Jamestown (PA). One was a funeral for extreme sadness—that a young woman with so much to offer had her life cut short. The other was a funeral of remembrance of a long life well lived.

In between the memorial services we checked, repaired, and rented an out-of-town apartment from which we’d evicted a tenant.

On May 21 I did my first book (book-under-construction) reading.

I couldn’t keep up with CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS—I’m several posts behind—but I want to note that my I expect to reach my 1000th post this month. Keep an eye out for it…

We were belated on several regular events—mainly birthdays. So happy birthday to my daughter Sandy, neighbors Molly and Dan, and friend Lois, and anyone else I missed.

At the intersection of May and June my neighbor and I had a yard sales (watch for post), held on two beautiful early summer days. It was hectic preparing for the event. But it was a relaxing time once it began.

June is here. My husband Monte will turn 75 June 12. I hope to do better at using the fitness room and pool at the YMCA and the pool in our local community. And I hope to progress on my novel and other writing.

Have a nice month.

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