May 9, 2013

WP Daily Prompt: Success! My April Fool’s Prank


The WordPress daily prompt for May 8, 2013 was Success! Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.


I haven’t pulled a decent April Fool’s Day joke in forever. Until one recent year.

To me a decent prank must be believable and harmless. One year I told my sister that my daughter was pregnant. My sister reminded me of that when she heard of the joke I pulled this year. She’d remembered. I’d forgotten.

Several women in my community meet weekly for a simple dinner and lots of socialization. No responsibility. Taking turns preparing something. It’s fun and offers an opportunity to know each other better. We’ve compared ourselves to the Golden Girls and jokingly call ourselves the W(h)iners 

In 2011 we happened to gather on April 1. I spent most of that Saturday trying to figure out a decent prank. I could think of nothing.

Then the proverbial light-bulb lit the room. I went to an upstairs dresser drawer and pulled out a removable leg cast I wore while recovering from a broken leg after falling down the marble staircase at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta (where I was a volunteer usher). The leg cast was plastic with an internal plastic balloon-like cushion I had to put air into.

Then I went to my medicine chest and collected a wrap for my wrist.

I had the supplies. What believable story could I concoct? I’m a writer (in this eighth of my nine lives). Certainly I should be able to imagine a realistic story.

Joanne picked me up and I limped out my door to her car.

“Yes, I am limping,” I confirmed, as I tried unsuccessfully to climb into her front seat. “I broke my leg this afternoon.”

“Oh, no! How did it happen?”

“I went over to feed Mika (the neighbor’s dog), and she ran in front of me and tripped me.”

This was thoroughly believable because Mika is an Alaskan Malamute, the largest of the Arctic dogs. It is a thick well-built dog having a plumed tail that it holds over its back. Males stand two feet tall, females slightly shorter. They weigh between 80 and 85 pounds. The breed is a Nordic sled dog descended from the arctic wolf, and was once the only transportation of the Mahlemuit Eskimos of Alaska—that was 2000-3000 years ago.

But then, I digress.

Mika has a thick fur coat, and is a gentle dog with lots of energy. And it is easy to believe she could trip someone with her enthusiastic nature.

Back to Joanne.

“How did you manage to get back to your house?”

“Monte had to go to the garage and he heard me yelling. We spent the afternoon at the hospital.”

I not-so-gracefully exited the car and limped into Mary’s house. Throughout the evening three women treated me like royalty. Someone poured me a glass of wine, I was brought a hassock for my leg to rest on. I was served my meal. What fun! No one suspected a thing!

About three-quarters of the way through the evening, after we had eaten and enjoyed pleasant conversation, I quietly began to unwrap the bandage I’d wrapped around my arm. I saw my success in the shocked looks on the women’s faces as they watched me unhitch my cast.

“What are you doing?” they queried.

I stood up and began dancing around.

“April Fools!” I said.

“We’ll get you! We’ll never believe you again!”

So much for the successful prank. It was great!

Now, what can I pull next year?



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