May 4, 2013

WP Daily Prompt 4/14/2013: 9 Reasons Your Home is Not a Safe Place




Where can you go

When the world don’t treat you right?

The answer is home!!!!!!!!!

That’s the one place that you’ll find,

7th heaven.^^^

According to this theme song for the television program 7th Heaven, When the world treats you wrong where can you go?

Home, a safe haven—home is your castle.

But is your home a safe place?

Consider the following 9 reasons why your home, your castle, might not be a safe place. The first three can be related to the 1987 movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles:


  1. PLANES: March 17, 2013… A private jet apparently experiencing mechanical trouble crashed on Sunday in a northern Indiana neighborhood, hitting three homes and killing two people aboard the plane, authorities and witnesses said.^ and on February 13, 2009…the pilots apparently tried to abort the landing, but the plane violently pitched and rolled and seconds later crashed into a house in Clarence Center, N.Y., a Buffalo suburb…Everyone aboard the plane — including 44 passengers, a crew of 4 and an off-duty airline employee — and one person in a house destroyed by the plane was killed…**^
  2. TRAINS: January 15, 2013… A woman stole an empty commuter train from a depot Tuesday and drove it to a suburb of Stockholm where it derailed and slammed into an apartment building, officials said…”There were three families inside the apartment building, but no one was injured. At least not physically,”^
  3. and AUTOMOBILES: January 31, 2013…Local authorities in Denison, TX are still investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal car accident that happened last week, January 24, 2013. Jennifer Comstock, 28, was reportedly killed after she was hit by a car that crashed into her home on Thursday night.^^^ and on and October 3, 2012…Southwest Regional police were summoned to the home of Belle Vernon (PA) Mayor Gerald Jackson after a van crashed into the mayor’s residence just after 10 a.m. Tuesday… Jackson was home at the time. “The homeowners were there, but were in a different area of the home,” he said. “The dogs that are usually kept outside near the site of impact were also in a different part of the house.”…^^^^. And in Laughlintown, PA…a driver speeding into Laughlintown on Rt. 30,ran through a corner of the Laughlintown Post Office, over a cement barrier, flew into the air and crashed into a house where the residents were sleeping. (memory of incident)


The following 6 reasons complete this list:

  1. SINKHOLES: March 2, 2013…a Florida man who was swallowed by a sinkhole under his Florida home …Jeff Bush (37) was in his bedroom Thursday night in Seffner— a suburb of 8,000 people 15 miles east of downtown Tampa — when the earth opened and took him and everything else in his room… The 20-foot-wide opening of the sinkhole is almost completely covered by the house…*****
  2. HELICOPTERS: January 22, 2013…Brazilian authorities say a helicopter has crashed into a house in Sao Paulo, killing the pilot and injuring the three passengers, but not hurting anyone on the ground.****
  3. BUS: November 28, 2012…a Nassau (Long Island, N. Y.) commuter bus trying to avoid a pedestrian crashed into a Hempstead home—killing a six-year-old boy in the front bedroom. The boy’s seven-year-old brother was injured, as were 11 bus passengers and the pedestrian.^^^^^
  4. FOXES: February 10, 2013… A 4-week-old baby has been attacked by a fox in his home in London, police said… the fox injured one of his hands… British media said the fox bit one of the baby’s fingers….*^
  5. TWISTERS/TORNADOES: June 2, 2012…The (105 mph) twister carved a path up to 300 yards wide for about eight miles (in Ligonier Township, PA)…The weather service said preliminary information is that 27 structures, 14 mobile homes and two businesses were damaged. High winds tore the roof off one home. No injuries were reported.***^
  6. METEORS: January 18, 2010, a large fireball…Reports describe a large greenish fireball…Within minutes of the sightings, one stone was recovered from within the Williamsburg Square Family Practice in Lorton, VA….the meteorite in three large pieces (was) embedded into the carpet tile and concrete floor of an exam room…The meteorite is approximately 8 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm, and is roughly rectangular, with a matte black fusion crust.* and on February 15, 2013…A meteorite streaked across the sky and exploded over central Russia on Friday, raining fireballs over a vast area and causing a shock wave that smashed windows, damaged buildings and injured 1,200 people… The fireball, travelling at a speed of 30 km (19 miles) per second according to Russian space agency Roscosmos, had blazed across the horizon, leaving a long white trail that could be seen as far as 200 km (125 miles) away… The early-morning blast and ensuing shock wave blew out windows on Chelyabinsk’s central Lenin Street, buckled some shop fronts, rattled apartment buildings in the city center and blew out windows…*** and about 6 p.m. June 24, 1938, a huge fireball exploded over the small borough of Chicora. (PA)… citizens soon learned the spectacular sound-and-light show was caused by a meteor streaking across the early evening sky. Written accounts noted witnesses said it “sounded like thunder” and a sharp spike of light like a fireball exploding was enveloped in what looked like a huge cloud. While there were no injuries reported, one cow at a Chicora farm was reputedly killed by a small stone pellet, perhaps part of a larger meteorite…**


It just proves that being safe at home isn’t always being safe. Aren’t you glad you read this post all the way through? Now don’t you feel safe at home?



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*Meteor That Fell in Russia Brings Back Memories of Lorton’s Own Meteor:

**Russian meteor spurs memories of Western Pennsylvania incident in 1938

***Meteorite explodes over Russia, more than 1,000 injured

****1 dead, 3 hurt when helicopter hits home in Brazil

*****Rescuers end effort to find body in Fla. sinkhole

^Jet slams into 3 homes in Indiana

^^Stolen train crashes into building in Sweden

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