April 2, 2013

The Photographs Not Taken


Apple tree devoid of leaves but filled with apples
Three crows sitting in the fork of branches of a leafless tree
Duplex outhouse, broken down

When my husband Monte and I travel I often take pictures through the car’s front window or out my passenger-side window—open, weather permitting. Sometimes open even weather not permitting, when Monte complains about being frozen from the snippy breeze.

Even though we speed fifty to sixty miles an hour past the object of my photograph many of the pictures are pretty good. I use the sports setting on the camera, which catches the scenery as it whizzes by.

However, I cannot always predict what might make a good picture until it flies past. Too late. Picture lost.

This happened when my husband and I traveled to Winchester (Virginia) and Cumberland (Maryland).

Thus, I’m left to develop a written description of the pictures not taken. And to resort to free online clipart for illustrations.


Apple tree devoid of leaves but filled with apples

11970966981126273514johnny_automatic_barren_tree_svg_medYe olde apple tree
Barren of leaves
Offering thy bounty
Dried apples hanging

Three crows sitting in the fork of branches of a leafless tree

1258661944702491623drunken_duck_crow_silhouette_svg_medThree ebony crows
In the forks of  treeless branches
Tired from their search
For the sustenance
That allows them
To crow about their worth.

Duplex outhouse, broken down

James_Ward_-_An_Outhouse_Wall_-_Google_Art_ProjectNecessary house from days of yore
duplex style speaking of wealth.
I wonder what’s behind your broken down doors
with their boards now placed like pickup sticks
ready to fall apart upon being pried open.
What secrets are buried deep beneath your two-hole seats?
Discoomfort of cold cheeks?
Distress of illness shedding its evidence?
Privacy of your privy has primacy over family demands
offering refuge from others when life is overwhelming,
allowing burgeoning poets quiet to mentally rhyme,
A privy library supplied by Sears Roebuck catalogues
Its pages destined to be dropped into the hole after its final use.
What messages are etched deeply into the wood?
Lovers initials in hearts, the hope of the young.
Warnings to those who leave a mess
for your next user to deal with.
Outside walls, weather worn to the point of death
no sign of repairs, no updating,
no longer needed, a relic of the past
you’ll soon join your memories past.



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