March 6, 2013

Phoneography Month: Photos of Genuinely Happy Faces


For this (WordPress) challenge, we want to see a photo of someone looking truly happy. Not “I’m-smiling-for-this-photo” happy, but really, deeply, twinkle-in-the-eyes happy. When we’re smiling a genuine smile, our whole faces get involved — our whole bodies, for that matter. There’s a light in our eyes. We look relaxed; there’s a forced tension in a fake smile.

Then we want to know why: what’s going on in the photo? What are you (or they) thinking about at the exact moment? (And if you really want to get into it: what happens next?)

Before I processed the directions I discovered three smiling photos in my files. When I reread the instructions and I realized my error: the photos are to be taken on a cell phone. Our cell phone is a dinosaur from 2001 with no photo capability.
Since I found the pictures I’m going to post them anyway, following all the other directions.

H-P9060219My granddaughter Jordan was playing with a boy with whom she shared a bedroom at one time. Actually, Ethan was born three hours before she was—they shared a hospital nursery. While caring for Jordan Ethan’s mother and I met on the lawn of the community library. The kids had a great time. In the photograph Jordan is racing Ethan and winning. Her face is pure joy. After running around the two preschoolers spent time blowing bubbles.

050622-48E CIRCLE 2My grandson Vince, 1-year old, is chuckling with pure joy. I believe his father is playing with him. After a time visiting at a restaurant we all headed to our homes, four hours away from each other. I’m sure Vince fell asleep in the car.

03 P1010044-BI don’t recall why my husband Monte was expressing pleasure. He was Wesley United Methodist Church (Connellsville, PA), where he served as pastor.



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Phoneography Month



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