March 4, 2013

March Welcome Message

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Four-leaved_clover2The softly-falling snowflakes of the barely-snowstorm belied the lion of my mood on March 1. I had worked so hard to have the house clutter cleared and posts ready and everything set up to do my rebel-form of National Novel Writing Month—rebel first because I am doing it unofficially in March rather than in November (will post on this later). I looked around me and it looked wild—dining room table still full, TV room couch covered—kitchen-porch filled with to-go-out-of-the-house stuff. Even though I knew I’d done a walloping cleanup since the first of the year—I’d cleaned deep, clearing out piles that were hidden, collecting old computer stuff—even sorting the cords that had collected in a bucket. Was it my fault that the only days I could travel to Greensburg were the days of cold and snowstorms?
I eased into my novel writing and have had time to almost complete my decluttering. My Saturday (March 2nd) I felt better. I’ve been able to meet my daily writing goals even though I also wrote a special post for my grandson Vince. Fortunately I have a few pre-posted writings and numerous almost-ready posts to keep CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS going. I admit I’m not doing so well in meeting my stated obligations to the BEANERY ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE, but I’m finding that in spite of the novel writing requirements I still have time to do other things during my day. I hope to pick up the writing group’s online site in a few days.

HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY!  The Greening of the Chicago River

So that’s my story for March. Will update you after Easter (March 31).

Carolyn Cornell Holland

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