February 20, 2013

WP Daily Prompt: Nightmare: What Does It Mean?

WORDPRESS DAILY PROMPT for February 19, 2013
What Does It Mean?

My Journal Entry for Tuesday February 19, 2013

I went to bed at 12:30 a. m. At 1:30 a. m. I awoke with weird dream.

I was with someone in a ranch house along Rt. 8 north of Pittsburgh, near the Old Stone House. We heard an explosion from a bomb. It occurred about three miles east of us. We went outside and saw the smoke rise. Then water rose, flooding us up to our waists. It receded as quickly as it rose. When we entered the house we saw no water, or any wetness that showed water had entered the structure.

Then I woke up.


Guess what prompt turned up today?

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

How do I know what it meant??? Can anyone out there explain it to me?

FYI: I’ve only had one other bad dream in since forever…and I don’t recall what or when it was, except that it occurred in 2013.



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