February 14, 2013

WP Daily Prompt: All About Me & What My Blog Title Means to Me

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WORDPRESS DAILY PROMPT for February 12, 2013



The naming of things is a difficult matter.

I named my blog  CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS because I’m not tremendously creative and could think of nothing better.

IMG_8343E2I also chose it because it’s generic. The recommendation when designing a blog is that it have one focus. Of course, since I’m a rebel, I disregarded that advice. I wanted my blog to be a magazine, and magazines, unless they have a target audience, tend to have articles on many subjects in many genres. Thus, my blog’s simple title doesn’t limit its content.

Although the title implies the posts are MY writing, I occasionally post items written by other persons, usually a family member. These include In Our Mother’s Womb ; The Flamingo, A Pizza, and a Big Bad Dragon , and Rack the Green-Nosed Reindeer,

One writer even has her own category. Following my Mother’s death each of her children received a copy of her writings. My siblings agreed to allow me to post her work , found in the category Nancy Briskay Cornell Lipsius .


Originally my blog was meant as a learning tool for navigating the Internet and as a personal place to post some of my writing. Since then it’s meaning has evolved.

First, my blog connects people. My two most interactive posts are genealogy related— IN SEARCH OF THE ARABELLA: A Story of Two Boats and KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY . Killed Strangely became a forum for those researching the Cornell family rooted in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in the 1600s. And yes, Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University, is a descendant of Thomas and Rebecca Cornell, as is Lizzy Borden. And, of course, myself.

But more valuable connections, two personal ones, came about because I provided a platform for my Mother’s writing. Two infants she released for adoption traced their biological roots through CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS: My Mother’s Secret: An Adoption Story and Sister’s Day: 2012—Sisters Meet After 63 Years .

Second, my blog allows me a platform to creatively journal and memoir as I relate experiences from my present and past, often relating them to current events: Boston Blizzards: 2003 & Nemo 2013 .

Third, my blog is a venue to explore numerous historical issues and to sort out complicated historical data that underlies my historic romance novel: Stock & Money Market Speculation Today and in the 1790s .

Fourth, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS encourages me to write in different genres, some of which I’m not comfortable with—for example, poetry .

Fifth, my blog offers me yet another venue, in addition to flickr and my photography group sites, to share my photographic efforts with others—for example For Whom Does the Bell Toll? , a photographic story in my photography category.

Sixth, my blog provides a platform to honor others, like I did my sister Jane on her birthday.

Seventh, my blog provides a platform for political issues. While I don’t like to consider my blog political, three political issues are appearing on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS: Sign to Support Adoptee Rights to Their Original Birth Certificates , Should Negro Mountain’s (in Pa/Md) Name Be Changed? and a yet-to-be written post supporting abuse legislation in Pennsylvania.

Finally, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS keeps me disciplined in writing.


As my blog evolved I realized that its simple title is appropriate for its varied content.

Would I recommend that you create your own blog? After the results I’ve experienced could there be an answer other than yes?

And if you do create a blog, carefully consider its title seriously. After all, the naming of things is a difficult matter.


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