February 6, 2013

WP Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe…Don’t Take My Telephone Away!


I’m not one of them. I’m among the minority, not one of the more than one billion inhabitants on this earth who have Facebook accounts (although I wonder how many of these are active or multiple accounts).
Oh, my friends, my family, organizations, Internet contact sites, miss me. They desperately want me to join them. But I hold my ground…I will not do so until the novel I’m writing is three-quarters done. And then I will sign up because it seems it’s necessary to do so to better market books.
I’ve experienced using Facebook. My sister Kitty provided me with her Facebook password for a period of time. Now she (and our other sister Jane) have decided that Kitty should change her password and not provide it to me. This is an attempt to encourage me to sign on before I am ready.
It’s not that I don’t use electronic means to communicate. I do. I use email. And my blog has proven well worth it as a communications network—persons interested in Cornell family genealogy have connected on my post  KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY ; there is a strong communication network on my post  IN SEARCH OF THE ARABELLA: A Story of Two Boats
And most important, my blog communication has brought two sisters into my life as, when they obtained their original birth certificates with our mother’s name, they could plug said name into the computer and immediately (say, ten seconds?) have access to CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS , my online magazine with information on my family, and even a category with our mother’s writings.

One sister’s daughter made a similar comment on different posts: I’m not sure HOW I found you and not sure where to write this, but PLEASE CONTACT ME. My mother is adopted, and I recently helped her get her REAL birth certificate (she was denied in earlier years) and we JUST got her REAL birth certificate. She was born in…(comment edited due to private information…Carolyn). How handy for this sister and her daughter to have this communication as a means to learn much about their new-found family, with much more indepth-information than they could get on a Facebook account.
Yes, I admit I do like the benefits of posting photographs in albums on Facebook. Unless Kitty has deleted it, I have an album on her Facebook. It’s been especially nice in communicating with our Swedish relative, Ann. But is it worth having one more online activity?
In my Internet explorations—through research and emails—I’m informed that in order to maintain proper communications with friends, organizations, and topics I should CONNECT WITH at least the following accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Yahoo, Google, individual web sites, Flicka (I do have this account, but use it a lot less since I’ve learned how to post pictures in my blog posts)…these are only a few of the ways to “be connected.”
Yet I am told that none of these devours my time, none keeps me tied to the Internet or an electronic device. How not?
scan0001ENONE of the above communication means matches the telephone, which provides a warm supportive voice to respond to happy news and sad events. With actual voice communication there is instantaneous response, give and take. Unlike email, problems can be addressed, appointment confirmations are immediate.
Of course, the telephone cannot compete with meeting over a cup of tea or mug of coffee, where the touch of a hand or a warm hug is most supportive.
Yes, the telephone can be a nuisance. Its ring demands your attention now. You run to answer the ring only to find a telemarketer, in spite of the fact that you’re on the Do Not Call list. The psychological answer to this is that you control your life—the telephone ring doesn’t. You do not have to answer the ringing.
My cell phone is a step between my landline and the various other electronic forms of communication. I have a simple cell phone, yet I am challenged even to enter a phone list or retrieve messages. Yet it is a great convenience, especially when my husband Monte and I are out shopping. I can simply enter the store, say toodle-loo, and shop on my own instead of him tailing me because I’d get lost in the mall caverns and he fears it will take hours to find each other again. And, of course, he wants to spend as little time in the stores as possible.
Yes, each form of communication has its advantages. But the telephone, to me, is the second best form of communication. I’ll keep my landline, thank you. I’ll prepare a cup of tea and cuddle up in my cozy chair and call you. And I’ll still do so after I leave the minority to join the multitude who have FaceBook accounts—when my novel is three-quarters complete.
I will, that is, if FaceBook survives that long.



Adoptees Right to Original Birth Certificate in Pennsylvania



  1. Carolyn, Agree Agree Agree
    I will not be found on any of those
    Don’t have enough time to research families
    And they do seem to find me if they are researching the same families
    Will let and Mocavo be my links

    Comment by Barbee Hodgkins — February 7, 2013 @ 12:04 am | Reply

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    Comment by reverse phone lookup — February 17, 2013 @ 5:59 am | Reply

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