January 27, 2013

January Birthstone: The Garnet




Noah reportedly used a lantern made from garnet to safely steer his ark through the night’s garnet.***

The garnet is the January birthstone and the second wedding anniversary gemstone.** It is the gemstone of truth and purity, and a symbol of love and compassion.*** It symbolizes constructiveness, and mystics believe it brightens dark souls and brings hope to people. It signifies eternal friendship and trust.****

It is associated with Mars, and is the stone of Scorpio, Capricorn and

When I first read about the garnet I thought about people whose persons with varied interests because, like Joseph’s coat, it is a stone of many colors and hues—shades of purple, red, orange, yellow, green, brown—and even the absence of color, being clear or black (not to get into the argument of whether black is the absence of color and technically not a color or whether it doesn’t reflect but absorbs light, so therefore contains all colors*).

But I digress.

It wasn’t until 1998 that a blue garnet was discovered. A red garnet is often mistaken for a ruby.

Some garnets, the most rare, are those which change colors. Their daylight color may be as mentioned but they appear different under incandescent light.***

The most valuable garnet is the rare demantoid, which is a type of andradite. It which rivals the diamond in brilliance. It is the perfect stone for 2013: its green color, due to its content of chromium, fits right into the color of the year, emerald green.**



The andradite is one of the six main types of garnet used for gemstones. The other five types are almandine (most common garnet), topazolite, glossular (colorless), pyrope (dark red), spessartine and uvarovite.**Superior garnets are usually faceted. Less superior ones are often polished into beads. The most sought-after garnets have a classic “horsetail” inclusion (small needle-like marks inside the gemstone).**

Garnets, known for thousands of years, were carried by warriors world wide as a talisman against death and injury. Crusaders decorated their armor with them. It was believed to bring victory, peace and tranquility. It was also believed to bring healing to injuries by stopping the flow of blood.

In contrast, They were sometimes used as bullets in latter-day Asia in the belief that they would increase the severity of the wound.***

In the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras garnets were believed to illuminate the night, thereby protecting the wear from all evil.***

It is believed garnets have special properties. They

  • give peace of  mind
  • enhance your cleverness
  • increase the feeling of proudness and hearty sense
  • warn the wearer of the incoming dangers (usually the color of the stone suddenly changes)
  • protect you from harms
  • enhance the sense of justice, honesty and sympathy
  • make people sympathetic towards you
  • help people become tough and endure hardships
  • oppose black magic and negative energy.**

The garnet is said not only to hold power to protect its wearer from negative but to boomerang those negative energies back to their origin. To do this place the garnet be between the trouble makers and yourself; the rebound will most assuredly go unnoticed until they suffer from the results

The garnet is associated with the planet Mars, and is the stone of Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aries.**

Garnet’s most important sources are Africa, Sri Lanka, and India.****  It’s name domes from the Latin granatus, , possibly in reference to the pomegranate.***

In the 1970s scientists discovered a process for synthesizing garnets, which can be produced in a larger variety of colors than those occurring naturally, including the rare blue garnet.**


If you were born in January or are celebrating your second wedding anniversary enjoy the multi-faceted colors of your gemstone, the garnet.



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