January 13, 2013

Daily Post: 32 Flavors…of Writing Resolutions


Part 1

Two items came to the fore consecutively. The title of the WordPress Daily Prompt was 32 Flavors. A writing article, Thirty-One Writing-Related Resolutions, with one resolution added, could become 32 Flavors of Writing.
Below is Part 1 of my evaluating the 31 New Year’s resolutions (plus one) in terms of my 2013 writing goals. Resolutions with a singles star denote what I accept as my 2013 Writing Resolutions. Items with a double star are already a part of my writing philosophy.
If you are a writer, evaluate your 2013 goals as you read. Post your conclusions and comments in the comment box at the end of this post. start writing...

…to start writing…

  1. Write Daily.* **
    Last year I intended to complete the first (and perhaps successive) drafts of my novel. Life, however, had other ideas, and walloped me with exhausting happenings which sapped my energy took so much that I chose to concentrate on writing shorter, less demanding pieces rather than stressing myself out writing the intense historical novel.
    I prided myself on maintaining CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS throughout all the crises. And I managed to write something most days, even if it was only journaling.
  2. Self-Edit* **
    Due to much of my previous work I find myself self-editing as I write, but even more-so with second or third drafts. My intention on Carolyn’s Creations is not to have extremely polished work (the kind I send to editors) because I’d never finish most pieces doing so. My intention is to self-edit to a reasonable degree (and correct errors when readers point them out).
  3. Try New Genres* **
    Facilitating (or belonging to) a writers group forces me to partake of genres which I might not enjoy. Posting on Carolyn’s Creations allows me an outlet where I practice different genres. I believe my writing is improved by practicing a variety of writing styles.
  4. Get Educated*  **In writing a historical novel and historical pieces accuracy is a must. To attain accuracy one must research, thus gaining education. Primary sources are the best to use.
  5. Add a Subscription
    Subscribe to a new writing newsletter or magazine or choose a publication in a field you frequently write about to stay up on the latest trends.*** I’ll reject this resolution because I already subscribe to several writing newsletters and my time constraints prevent me from doing more.
  6. Go Query Crazy
    Queries can be quick to write, so write more of them. Aim to have a certain number circulating at all times…*** I’ll reject this resolution also. Since I’m concentrating on writing my historical romance novel my writing energies will not be in marketing writing pieces to magazines and other publications.
  7. Embrace the Internet* **
    This is a continuing effort on my part. I have three writing blogs—CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, INTERTWINED LOVE, and a blog on the Ellsworth American newspaper in Maine. This is an attempt to develop my name as a writer so that when (or if) my book is published I have name recognition.
  8. Think Outside the Border* **
    I think beyond the border for future book marketing ideas. In so doing I am preparing several different power point presentations to use with groups, and am developing a game booklet to share with people in the groups.
  9. Attend a conference.*  **Choose a writing conference that will build your skills and provide networking opportunities.***
  10. Get Critical* Rather, get critiquable.**
    I’ve belonged to critique groups since the mid-1990s, and have facilitated the Beanery Writers Group in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, for six years. I don’t like the word critical because it implies criticism. Critique implies support through positive and negative comments.
  11. Go for the Gold* **
    Enter a contest.***
    Boy, did I ever do this one. I prepared a college thesis level paper on my main novel character, Madame Rosalie de Leval. I was competing against advanced degree historians (my studies were in medicine and human services). Someone else won, but I didn’t lose. It was a great exercise and I use the paper for constant reference.
  12. Repeat Yourself* **
    Dig through your old files and refresh pieces to sell as reprints.***
    I do a little of this in writing the items for CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS. Again, my writing is concentrating on my novel.
  13. Stay in Touch (with editors)Nix on this one as I am not in touch with editors at this time.
  14. Negotiate
    I reject this resolution at this time since I’m not writing for publications.
  15. Just Say No
    To free or low-paying markets, that is. Again, I don’t need this resolution at this time.
  16. Read for Pleasure*
    Most of my reading during 2013 will be related to the various historical subjects that will enhance my novel. This is not always enjoyable. My morning routine includes reading the morning newspaper.

Which of the above resolutions will you choose to accept and follow?

Part II will be posted Tuesday…



British Guiana/Guyana Woven into My Life

Six-Word Stories



***Thirty-One Writing-Related Resolutions, Melissa Mayntz, Writers Weekly, December 31, 2008

DAILY PROMPT: 32 FLAVORS, michelle w., January 10, 2013,


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