January 8, 2013

Writing Challenge: Map It Out—Travel With Me Through My Novel-in-Progress

Travel With Me As I Map the Sites in My Novel-in-Progress

The January 7, 2013, WordPress weekly writing challenge, Map It Out, stated: No matter how long you’ve been blogging, there is always more to learn…For this week’s challenge, incorporate our Google Maps embed feature by plotting out some of the favorite places that you’ve been, or the places you want to go.

Since I have been remiss on working on my novel (life happened) and I have plans to return to it in mid-February, I decided to have you Travel With Me Through My Novel-in-Progress.

I’ve already been mapping out the local area of Hancock and Washington counties in Maine, including East Lamoine, Maine, which was a part of the town of Trenton in the 1790s, the era of the novel. But there are many more settings in the novel.

The novel deals with Revolutionary War hero General Henry Knox’s land speculations (with his partner William Duer) in both the Gallipolis (Scioto) region in Ohio and then in Downeast Maine (east of the Union River out of Ellsworth).

This challenge allows me to map out the key geographical areas of my novel (including but not limited to):

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: A group of Revolutionary War military men gathered at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern and determined that land in the xxx, in Ohio, could be used as a way to pay military men for their war service. A group of unidentified men known as the Scioto Associates succeeded in acquiring a sub-grant under the 1987 Ohio Land Grant.

PARIS, FRANCE: The Scioto Associates sent a representative to Paris to meet a commitment to sell part of their newly acquired land in Europe. Joel Barlow was their representative in Paris. Luckily for Barlow the French Revolution created a desire for Frenchmen to leave France and the land sold like hotcakes.

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: The French who purchased land in Ohio left Le Havre, France and sailed into Alexandria. Many left Alexandria to travel over multiple mountain ranges to Ohio, their new home.

GALLIPOLIS, OHIO: The French persons who came to America through the Scioto Associates were the first settlers of Gallipolis. Unfortunately, they never received the deeds to their land and thus had to sacrifice it or pay the Ohio Company for it.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: The city where my main character, Madame de Leval, lived. Many of the French persons involved with the Scioto Associates also lived in Philadelphia.

NEW YORK CITY: Where William Duer was jailed for financial discretions that strongly contributed to the first Wall Street market crash. This event led to the land speculation downfall of Gen. Knox and Duer.

TRENTON (East Lamoine, part of Trenton in the 1790s) MAINE: Where Madame de Leval and another main character Louis des Isles, and others settled. Madame purchased two farms here and Louis wed a local girl, Mary Googins.

BRITISH GUIANA: After Madame wed Franco Van Berckel , and they failed to acquire the deed to the land she was trying to purchase to develop a French colony, the couple moved to British Guiana and lived on a plantation. Note: British Guiana is currently named Guyana.

ENGLAND: Where Louis des Islses was jailed during the War of 1812.



British Guiana/Guyana Woven into My Life

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