December 31, 2012

January 2013 Welcome Message: Carolyn’s Compositions

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For all the planning done to ease the stress and business of December—well, as the cliché states, the best laid plans of mice and men…
Having mailed my Christmas packages the day before Thanksgiving, having the majority of my Christmas shopping done before Black Thursday/Friday, having decorated the outside hemlocks, and having completed my Christmas “card” (a forty year tradition: a handcrafted ornament) before December 1st, I felt pretty confident that December would be a relaxing time.
Then the bottom fell out. Each Christmas card/ornament required $1.95 in postage (well over $200 total). Back to the drawing board, and my original plan: to send newer persons on my list former ornaments, and to find new ones for those who remained on my list from the beginning.
The next disaster was the printer balked, and wouldn’t print our Christmas letter (that accompanies the ornament). One by one or two by two my husband fed sheets through the obnoxious printer while I counted each ornament set and adapted the letters to match the ornaments.
Alas, what could I do for those persons on my list for forty years?
In the garage I located some fake fur Easter bunnies. Yes, bunnies in pastel colors. OK. Christmas leads to Easter. Without Christmas there would be no Easter.
Another disaster occurred in Slippery Rock at our apartments, where problems with a new tenant surfaced and an apartment became vacant. My husband Monte decided to advertise the apartment and we packed the car with everything from hot plates to bedding to CD movie player and left home for however long we needed to be away to resolve the issues.
I tried to complete my Christmas cards there and unfortunately ran out of ornaments (some were on my dining room table…). I tacked an apologetic note on the Christmas letter and finally mailed the envelopes.
We were there a week when we packed up again and headed home. I was now behind on preparing for Christmas—some gifts not yet prepared, house a mess, a carload of items to unpack and put away, and exhaustion.
Christmas morning we played Santa and Mrs. Claus for a nearby family. Our tree went up Christmas afternoon. When my son Nolan, his wife Tammy and sons Vince and Marcus, and 19-year-old Rafael (a young man from Germany) arrived late Christmas night Marcus was awake. I told him Santa had visited but we wouldn’t get the presents until the tree was trimmed.
I woke up December 26 to see Nolan, Marcus, Vince, Rafael, and Monte trimming the tree.
The rest of the holiday was relaxing as it could be with active boys six and eight. We spent time at daughter Sandy’s home and we played UNO, popped airpopped popcorn, wrote a story, and generally didn’t worry about the house. There was a big show shoveling party outside, and Nolan worked to cut down several dangerous hemlock branches where our cars park.
Fortunately Sandy and Michael did most of the cooking, even though they had to be at their jobs.
While here the boys were introduced to Sudoko and Mahjong. They learned the concepts quite quickly.
After they left on Friday morning I just relaxed. It wouldn’t hurt the house to be left cluttered and used. I prepared a cup of coffee, picked up the newspaper, and sat back listening to classical music. Other things would upright themselves in time.
The best laid plans…I can’t wait to see what January 2-13 brings.

Rack, the Green-Nosed Reindeer

‘tis the 2012 season to be merry!

2012 Christmas Letter from Monte & Carolyn Holland



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