December 27, 2012

Rack, the Green-Nosed Reindeer

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Carolyn Cornell Holland, Rafael Burkardt and Marcus Holland*


One day Jack Jellyfish visited Santa’s reindeer, Rack…


and Taran Tyrannosaurus Rex.
“Why do you have a green nose?! Why is it green instead of red?” Jack asked Rack.
“Because I want to stop Christmas,” said the Rack, a distant relative of Rudolph who often flew with Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve. After all, Rudolph sometimes needed relief during his long night’s work. Usually Rack dimmed his nose so as not to compete with Rudolph.
trex110“So he asked me to stomp on his nose so it wouldn’t work,” said Taran. “His nose turned blue and yellow when I stomped it. Then the blue and yellow blended…”

“… and my nose became green,” continued Rack Reindeer.
“Why would anyone want to stop Christmas?” asked Jack.
“Because he’s upset. He’s angry,” said Taran.
“Why?” asked Jack again.
“Because he delivers gifts to everyone but he never gets a gift.”
“You bet. I’ve pulled Santa’s heavy sleigh filled with gifts through blizzards, icy cold weather, the Equator sun…and who gets all the recognition? Who gets all the cookies and hot chocolate? Santa! But does anyone ever give ME the credit?!!!?” shouted Rack.
“Some people leave you carrots…” noted Taran.
“Big deal—a carrot or two… Have you seen how rotund Santa’s belly is, and how thin mine is?” Rack said.
“I think you’re being a tad bit selfish…” said Jack. “You’re not thinking of all the children in the world who won’t receive Santa’s gifts if Santa can’t deliver them.”
Taran turned towards Jack.
“How would you feel if no one appreciated you? Even Santa neglects Rack. When did Santa ever give even one small gift to him? Rack has every right to be angry.”
images1Jack was stunned. He hadn’t considered that Rack would have such feelings.
He wriggled off, motioning to Rack and Taran to follow.
Jack led the trio to Santa’s house and knocked on the door. Mrs. Claus answered.
She was surprised to see them. And she was even more surprised to see how upset they were. Then she noticed Rack’s green nose.
“Oh my! What happened???”
They talked so fast, in unison, that Mrs. Claus had difficulty understanding a word they said. She raised her hand and said firmly “How about only one of you speaking at a time?”
“We know Santa’s really busy today,” said Jellyfish as he explained the situation.
“Oh my,” Mrs. Claus repeated.
She invited the three visitors into her kitchen and made some hot chocolate and offered them some cookies so she could have time to think. She remembered a recipe for a special red raspberry salve which she made up. She applied it to Rack’s nose, which very quickly came back to red.
Then she went outside and took a walk to think about how to make Rack feel better. She realized it was a stupid mistake on Santa’s part that he had never presented Rack with a Christmas gift. She had to find a resolution. Santa saw her and stepped in to walk beside her. She told him about the problem.
“What can we do for Rack?”she asked.
“Go back to the kitchen and visit with our friends,” Santa said. Then he went to his workshop and filled a stocking with gifts he thought Rack might enjoy. He also picked out a small gift for Taran and Jack.
He took the stocking to Rack, who delighted over the flying feet, the booties to keep his feet warm, his new eyevision as he traveled over mountains and valleys, the sunglasses that would protect his eyes from ultraviolet rays, and fans for Santa’s sleigh, which would keep him cool in hot climates.
Rack was surprised and pleased, and he took to his Christmas Eve task with a vigor he’d never had before.k11064126

*Rafael is from Munich, Germany; Marcus lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio


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