December 27, 2012

Rack, the Green-Nosed Reindeer

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Carolyn Cornell Holland, Rafael Burkardt and Marcus Holland*


One day Jack Jellyfish visited Santa’s reindeer, Rack…


and Taran Tyrannosaurus Rex.
“Why do you have a green nose?! Why is it green instead of red?” Jack asked Rack.
“Because I want to stop Christmas,” said the Rack, a distant relative of Rudolph who often flew with Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve. After all, Rudolph sometimes needed relief during his long night’s work. Usually Rack dimmed his nose so as not to compete with Rudolph.
trex110“So he asked me to stomp on his nose so it wouldn’t work,” said Taran. “His nose turned blue and yellow when I stomped it. Then the blue and yellow blended…”

“… and my nose became green,” continued Rack Reindeer.
“Why would anyone want to stop Christmas?” asked Jack.
“Because he’s upset. He’s angry,” said Taran.
“Why?” asked Jack again.
“Because he delivers gifts to everyone but he never gets a gift.”
“You bet. I’ve pulled Santa’s heavy sleigh filled with gifts through blizzards, icy cold weather, the Equator sun…and who gets all the recognition? Who gets all the cookies and hot chocolate? Santa! But does anyone ever (more…)

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