December 16, 2012

Is Each Snowflake Truly Unique?



Wilson A. Bentley, a Vermont farmer, had a passion: snow crystals.

Acting on this passion was what led him to conclude that no two snowflakes can be the same.


The splendor of the first snowfall of each season awes me. This awe is stretched to infinitesimal levels when I realize that each snowflake is unique, not matched by any other snowflake.

Earth has hosted more than seven billion persons…

Earth has been decorated by an uncountable number of snowflakes…

Only God could create each uniquely.

Each year since 1972 I our family has substituted a handcrafted ornament for a Christmas card. In 2011 I chose a snowflake cutout for a theme (it truly is truth that all we need to know we learn in kindergarten…so true, I thought, as I cut out numerous paper folded snowflakes).


The snowflake is noted for its uniqueness among the trillions and trillions of snowflakes that have fallen on earth. Likewise, each of us—as one of seven billion persons—is unique, although our commonality is being made in the image of God.

Our family recently incorporated two sisters into the family. They were released for adoption as infants. As startling as the similarities of appearance Darlene has to her newly discovered family members, she is distinctly different. Sister #2 (not using her name) appears very (more…)

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