December 5, 2012

What is Your Most Memorable Christmas Experience?



CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS is seeking answers to the following question:

What is your most memorable Christmas experience?


Several years ago I approached people in various places—malls, restaurants, even on the streets—asking them to share their happiest Christmas experience. At the time I was writing for a local newspaper and wanted to develop the responses into a Christmas story.

I learned a couple of things from the experience.

First, I was asking the wrong question. One woman told me a bittersweet story about her third Christmas—she had received a Christmas ornament from her older brother who was serving overseas in the military. He became a war casualty three months later, but she cherishes the ornament.

The question should be “most memorable.”

Second, people want to share, need to share. I listened to numerous wonderful memories, writing down the stories. When I asked for the person’s name they held back (even though I had made it clear I was asking them for a newspaper story). What they relished was someone who would listen to their story—just listen. I heard many stories I couldn’t use for my article.

CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS is seeking answers to the following question: What is your most memorable Christmas experience? I am asking people I meet at the mall, in restaurants, and on the street.

In so doing I asked myself Why not ask my readers the question, and give them the opportunity to respond.


So my question to you is: What is your most memorable Christmas experience?

I invite you to share your happy, bittersweet, or funny story with me

  • By using the comment box below—you need not use your real name (but the story should be real).
  • By emailing it to me at chollandnews at

I will weave the stories into a Christmas post for your enjoyment.

Thank you for sharing.



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  1. Comment emailed to me by Diane:
    Hi, Carolyn:

    My most memorable Christmas was the year I got my Kodak Instamatic. I have more pictures of THAT Christmas than any other and they are the only Christmas pictures in my boxes that I took myself. All of the other pictures are from my father’s slides. My pictures were candid and not always very good but they captured the feel and fun of the day. That Christmas was also special because my two young cousins were living with us along with my grandmother. My uncle was in the marines but our home was his home when on leave. We had a FULL house and lots of fun.

    Diane Cipa
    Ligonier Living

    Comment by carolyncholland — December 7, 2012 @ 11:42 pm | Reply

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