December 2, 2012

December 2012 Welcome Message: Carolyn’s Compositions

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November 1 I mentioned I was participating in the National Novel Writing Month. Every person I talked to about asked Why is it in November? January, February or March would be a much better time.

I agree. I knew it would be challenging to try it but I decided to attempt it anyway, making it through the first week easily. Then the weather warmed, allowing outdoor work to be accomplished. Then the holiday season started. And I decided that it was just too stressful to keep up with the NaNoWriMo writing demands and rewrote the rules: I’ll set aside a more reasonable month to follow through with the commitment—mid-January to mid-February, when life is quiet and cold weather makes writing by the fire a welcome activity. The change doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my writing—only that I do what I can at this time without reaching high stress levels. So NaNoWriMo people be aware: this writer likes your approach, but thinks your timing stinks. And this writer is going to play by slightly different rules.

That decided, I greet December 1, 2012, in a relaxed manner, having accomplished what I never have before: all my Christmas boxes are mailed (I was the first to mail Christmas boxes at the post office); half the trees in the yard are decorated; some gifts for the family are wrapped.

What’s left to do for the holidays?

  • the house needs little more cleaning after the preparations my husband Monte and I made for Thanksgiving
  • the tree needs to be put up and decorated
  • my Christmas cards, homemade ornaments, must planned and created
  • I need to make a batch of mint jelly
  • I must complete my Christmas gift list.

I must go now…the holiday tasks are calling me…

Thank you for visiting CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS during this very busy season. Have a joyful, stress-free and safe holiday.   Carolyn Cornell Holland

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