November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012



One of my friends suggested that beginning January 1 we should get a mason jar (or any other kind of jar with a lid) and place in that jar something we are thankful for each and every day. At the end of the year, take the lid off the jar and begin to read all those “thankful” messages.

Maybe we shouldn’t wait until January. Maybe we should begin on Thanksgiving Day and then take the lid off next Thanksgiving. I don’t think we even need to limit ourselves to one “thanks” a day.2


I’m posting this late, I admit, due to the holiday’s hectic nature and to fighting off a mild headache.


On Thanksgiving Day both our children visit their in-laws, which leaves my husband Monte and I alone. A neighbor and friend, Joanne, invited us to join her family. Monte wanted to relax at home, but I went. One of her guests teaches fifth grade science and was fascinated that Monte changed from teaching college physics to being an ordained pastor. He regretted that Monte hadn’t come with me.

The day ended with excitement. Joanne’s four (one her daughter’s) dogs escaped at dusk. Three were retrieved. The oldest one, the arthritic female, couldn’t be found. Off Joanne and numerous guests went to search for her. One man saw her but was unable to retrieve her. The dog remained missing and Joanne was quite worried.


On Friday because my daughter had to work, and our son didn’t plan to arrive until into the afternoon, leaving us free to participate in Black Friday—even when it began on Thursday. However, there was no temptation to participate in this consumer madness.

When my son, his wife, and two grandsons arrived on Friday I was immediately immersed in playing flip Uno, computer-induced word searches, and (more…)

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