November 13, 2012

Alphabet News Stories: November 11, 2012



The following lines, extending from A to Z, are taken from the Sunday, November 11, 2012, Greensburg (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review newspaper.

Just a fun thing to do with newspaper stories.


Amur Falcon

A is for Amur: “this is probably the single largest congregation of Amur falcons recorded anywhere in the world, and it is tragic that they meet such a fate (A12  Steve Newman’s Earthweek, Migration hazard)

B is for blighted:  Through bulk purchasing power, Scott Avollo, Jeanette’s solicitor, said the land bank law could help reduce red tape and costs associated with repurposing blighted residential properties… (C3—Law gives municipalities upper hand in war on blight)

C is for cradle: The funny thing, of course, is that nothing puts a baby to sleep better than a gently rocking cradle, the “old-fashioned,” time-tested solution. (G7—Old-fashioned cradle a time-tested method of helping infant sleep)

D is for demolition: Demolition work continues on a block of row homes along Formosa Way in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood. (C3—photo caption)

E is for electricity: The Homer City coal-fired power plant continues to generate electricity as up to $750 million in new pollution control equipment is installed… (E1 Businessbriefing)

F is for fiscal, financial: Fiscal cliff overhangs financial abyss (E1 headline)

G is for Grace: The neighbors—not to mention fans of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, around the world—have always known that the 2 ½ story brick Georgian home at Henry and Coulter avenues was the Kelly family home. (C8—Grace Kelly’s Philly home gets historical marker)

H is for hire: Employers in the Pittsburgh area are looking to fill vacancies for nurses, software engineers, delivery drivers, a tax advisor, geologist, chemist and even a sales “guru” on the We Hire Heroes site. (A8—Hiring vets more than ‘good business’)

I is for investigation: District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. said his investigation will include a review in safety procedures at the Highland Park zoo. (A8—Zoos on alert for human fallibility)

Cross at the top of Jumonville Mountain

J is for Jumonville: Had Washington surrendered to despair in Jumonville or on the banks of the Delaware, who knows if our great little experiment in democracy would exist today. (D4—He couldn’t be president today)K is for Kuwait: Kuwait marked the golden jubilee of its constitution on Saturday with a spectacular $15 million fireworks display which earned the wealthy gulf state a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. (A3—photo caption)

L is for lattice, latticing: Strategically moving across a career lattice, and cultivating new skills…replaces climbing up a ladder…Latticing involves continually bridging new skills and experiences and getting the most out of them… (H1—-Side Step Forward)

M is for myopic, my, may, missing: “I don’t want a myopic view,” he says. “I always want to know what my employees see that I may be missing.”  (E2 Don’t let age get in a way of a great idea)

N is for nap-pillow: And even weirder, after this there’s a “nap-pillow” callin’ my name! (Comics 1—Blondie)

O is for onerous: One of the rare pieces of good news to come out of Tuesday’s election is that the Democrat-controlled Senate still won’t have enough votes to ratify the onerous, sovereignty-destroying Law of the Sea Treaty, better known as LOST. (D2—Sunday Pops)

P is for presidential, prognostications: It’s always best to keep a vegetable brush handy when making wildly inaccurate presidential election prognostications. (C1—Time to get those stains out)

Q is for quake: The quake was felt in Bangkok, the capital of neighboring Thailand. (A2—Quake sends people fleeing from homes)

R is for risk: “The worst kind of risk is no risk at all,”… (5 usaweekend Find the silver lining in hard times)

S is for ‘super seniors’: They’re called “super seniors,” and they can be found on nearly every college campus in America. These veteran undergraduates have taken many more classes than they need to earn a degree, with college careers that can stretch well beyond the traditional four years. (A5—Cal State targets “super seniors’)

T is for tobacco, tobacco jars: In the late Victorian era, use of snuff lost favor, and tobacco was used mainly for pipes. Tobacco is a dried leaf, and it crumbles easily, so it’s kept in a container that could be used as a humidor…Tobacco jars in amusing shapes (G4—Tobacco jars in amusing shapes)

U is for unions: Unions are also pressing for measures that might help boost their sagging membership rolls.  (A5—Unions expect Obama to support their agenda)

V is for veterans: Today, (Brandon) Rumbaugh serves as a symbol of hope to the 50,159 wounded veterans of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, many struggling to find their places in civilian life. (A1—Marine, 23, a symbol of hope as he muscles past obstacles)

W is for wages, war: State law wages war on blight (C1 headline)

X is for X2 X-Men United: X2 X-Men United *** (2003) Patrick Stewart. A right-wing militant pursues the mutants. (TV Magazine 4)

Y is for yoga: Yoga comprises a series of postures, meditation, and breath work. (20 usaweekend—Step up to the barre)

Z is for zoos, zookeepers: Zookeepers who over some of the 63 painted dogs at 37 zoos nationwide would not criticize the Pittsburg Zoo’s exhibit, where Maddox Derkosh, 2, tumbled from the railing of an observation deck…Yet zoo management experts say Maddox’s death might bring changes at zoos… (A1—Zoos on alert for human fallibility)



A Popular Author’s Love Affair With the Word ‘AND’: Part A


Amur Falcon:



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