November 13, 2012

Alphabet News Stories: November 11, 2012



The following lines, extending from A to Z, are taken from the Sunday, November 11, 2012, Greensburg (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review newspaper.

Just a fun thing to do with newspaper stories.


Amur Falcon

A is for Amur: “this is probably the single largest congregation of Amur falcons recorded anywhere in the world, and it is tragic that they meet such a fate (A12  Steve Newman’s Earthweek, Migration hazard)

B is for blighted:  Through bulk purchasing power, Scott Avollo, Jeanette’s solicitor, said the land bank law could help reduce red tape and costs associated with repurposing blighted residential properties… (C3—Law gives municipalities upper hand in war on blight)

C is for cradle: The funny thing, of course, is that nothing puts a baby to sleep better than a gently rocking cradle, the “old-fashioned,” time-tested solution. (G7—Old-fashioned cradle a time-tested method of helping infant sleep)

D is for demolition: Demolition work continues on a block of row homes along Formosa Way in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood. (C3—photo caption)

E is for electricity: The Homer City coal-fired power plant continues to generate electricity as up to $750 million in new pollution control equipment is installed… (E1 Businessbriefing)

F is for fiscal, financial: Fiscal cliff overhangs financial abyss (E1 headline)

G is for Grace: The neighbors—not to mention fans of (more…)

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