November 12, 2012

Chris Moore Was in Jones Mills (PA) to Interview Chuck Martin




Sal and Chuck Martin often attend Mello Mike in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, where they enjoy meeting with friends, dining on Ligonier Tavern food, and listening to music and readings by local musicians and writers. Often, they themselves read work that they’ve written.

However, on November 13th they will not be attending Mello Mike. They will be sitting in the comfort of their living room, with neighbors Rock Foster and his wife, watching television.

And Chuck will be wondering who that “old guy” on the television is.


Truth be known? It’s Chuck Martin himself.

Recently Chris Moore, host of Ch. 13-WQED television show Black Horizons, drove from Pittsburg to the tiny community of Jones Mills on Route 31 just east of Route 711.

Chuck is a person of interest because of a series of photographs he took on April 4, 1968—-the day after Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

At the time, many major cities were in flames and rioting was rampant, according to Chuck.

He felt compelled to document what happened in Pittsburgh when the angry black community confronted hundreds of Pittsburgh policemen.

Picture by Charles Martin (c) (copywrite protected)

I myself have seen many of the photographs and I must say they are telling.

Chuck will also converse with Chris about highlights of his thirty-seven years in photography, snapping pictures of many notable personalities, as well as the average person, as they did their own wonderful things.


According to Chuck’s wife, writer Sal Martin, it was odd having two large people in her living room, cramped by a camera tripod and several lights.

“Chris is big, six foot one inch or so, and his camera man was about six foot five inches. But they managed to squeeze in. People visiting are kind of agog it all fit in the living room,” she said, noting that Chris “knew all the right questions to ask.”

“It was a good interview,” said Chuck.

The couple found it amusing that both Chris and his photographer enjoyed watching Keeping Up Appearances, a BBC sitcom, since they too enjoy the program.

Sal noted that she kept up appearances by using her good china and silverware to serve her guests pumpkin pie and tea.

However, her pumpkin pie wasn’t home baked. Instead, she purchased it at the Pie Shoppe in Laughlintown.

“Anyone who drives this far out—seventy-five miles—deserves a Pie Shoppe pie.”

Her only regret about the interview is that Chris and his photographer didn’t eat all the pie, leaving her to feast on the leftovers


If you want to watch a program that will prove to be enjoyable, and you live in the Channel 13 viewing area, tune in to Horizons at 7:30 p. m. on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

UPDATE: To see more photographs and to follow up on this story click on Pittsburgh Photos the Day After Martin Luther King’s Assassination at



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