November 9, 2012

Play Lexicographer: RIDICULOUSITY



The WordPress daily prompt for November 9, 2012, was to Play Lexicographer: Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

The other day I used the word ridiculousity and was told it wasn’t a word.

“Yes,” I said. “I made it up.”

I used it as a noun” My ridiculousity changed the whole atmosphere of the gathering.


When it came to playing lexicographer I decided to use ridiculousity. I was surprised that my computer underlined it in red, indicating a misspelling. So I typed it into a search engine. Sure enough, the word appeared in the Urban Dictionary:

  1. A large amount of ridiculousness.
  2. The general measure of how ridiculous a given object, situation, or circumstance is.
  3. A state of tangent hilarity, resulting hin the absolute deterioration of all subject matter and the inevitable “rolling of the eyes” from all female group members.
  4. The study of all things ridiculous, ludicrous and hilarious.1

So I guess the ridiculousity of it all is that I tried to top the ridiculousity scale by presenting lexicography with a word I thought was new but is ridiculously old. Now isn’t that a ridiculousity?



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