November 7, 2012

Oversize Vehicle Creates Dangerous Driving Conditions



As facilitator of the Beanery Writers Group I send out four writing prompts to members and other writers on a mailing list*. This is the prompt I e-mailed this week (all photos taken through the front windshield of our car while driving down the road):

While my husband Monte and I were returning from Winchester and Cumberland we followed the following “oversize load.”

Answer the following questions about this “thing:”

What is it?

Where did it come from?

Where is it going?

What will it be used for?

Who ordered it?

When will it be functional for its purpose?

How dangerous to other vehicles is its travel?

Add any other thoughts or ideas.

If desired, go one step further: create a story or poem using the answers to the questions.

I assume the prompt tells you what this post is about.


We’d come upon the truck shortly after leaving Normalville, Pennsylvania, where Route 381N joined Route 711N to Route 30. At Route 30 the routes separated again.

At Route 31 the truck bore left and turned onto 711N. From there we followed it to Route 30, where it turned east toward Laurel Mountain.

During the journey Monte and I noted that the truck maintained a steady speed, slowing down only to make severe, sharp turns. The truck’s cargo measured, Monte estimated, about eighteen feet. At one point Monte and I thought the cargo might tip over.

We tried to see the lead truck, finally spotting it on a curve that let us see it. This truck appeared to be all the escort the cargo had. It drove ahead of the cargo truck, encouraging oncoming vehicles to move to the side of the road.

Oncoming sometimes pulled over. Others passed by without even slowing down.

I imagine the lead truck took oncoming drivers (more…)

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