November 1, 2012

November 2012 Welcome Message: Carolyn’s Compositions


November…blows in with cold (well, not so cold—40 degrees F.) but a damp that cuts into you, and a dreariness.

Nonetheless, Southwestern Pennsylvania missed being hit by the bullet that shot into so many Northeastern United States communities by Hurricane Sandy. The destruction she left behind is unfathomable. I think about the complications of lost paperwork and photographs (less replaceable than furniture), lost homes, lost work, lost lives—all the losses accompanying such a catastrophe. I wonder how the victims in the worst hit areas will be able to cast their votes. Or will voting seem negligible in the face of the calamity?

Driving by Loyalhanna Creek in “the cut” I see some pretty wild water. I also followed Washington Furnace Run the last day of October and photographed white water rapids in the normally peacefully-flowing run.

It’s time to look forward. Veterans Day is a time to recognize the nation’s warriors. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate our blessings—and there are many, even in the midst of catastrophe. We also celebrate the birthday of my niece, the first of her generation to turn fifty, and our granddaughter who will reach fifteen.

We must express gratitude that we live in a country where water comes from a faucet (we don’t have to walk two miles to carry back to our home two jugs of this valuable liquid); where we live in a community of houses instead of rough shacks; where we have indoor plumbing, and where we have food aplenty.

And where we have a country in which we vote for our officials.

During November I’m participating in the National Novel Writing Month with the hopes of producing a very rough draft of the third section of my novel and filling in other sections. The program requires writing 1500-2000 words per day without consideration of quality writing (true first draft status). Some of my posts will be based on the writing I’ll be doing. Hopefully I’ll be able to fulfill the program requirements and keep up with my regular posting on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS and the Beanery Online Literary Magazine.

I will appreciate any encouragement my readers can supply. And hopefully, by the end of November, I will be able to work from a more completed rough draft I create.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Carolyn Cornell Holland

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