October 28, 2012

Why Name Storm ‘Hurricane Sandy’?



I’m angry at my daughter yet again.

She acknowledges she’s being blamed for the latest hurricane. If it weren’t for this hurricane barrelllng up the Atlantic coastline from Florida to Maine we wouldn’t be anticipating a Perfect Storm dubbed Frankenstorm.

It’s all her fault. Why else would they have named this hurricane Hurricane Sandy?

My daughter has the unfortunate luck (at least in this instance it isn’t convenient) to be named Sandy. Yet she is a gentle person, not at all destructive, as this storm is predicted to be. Thus I have to disagree with a comment following a post on the storm4:

  • SANDYSVENGANCEOCT2012:   …The Storm From The West! The end result will be called Witch’s Brew Sandy!

and agree with the following comment:

  • ZEEKSTEENYNE: What kind of a name for a megastorm is “Sandy”? It should be something like Sauron or Sonneillon (the demon of hatred) or Stolas (a high prince of Hell, commanding 26 legions)

I must admit that I have never heard of Sauron (the primary antagonist and titular character of J. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings6), Sonneillon or Stolas, but they sound like more appropriate names for a hurricane of Hurricane Sandy’s ilk. She may During the next 3-4 days…undergo a transformation, or merger, with an approaching upper-atmosphere trough or potential vorticity filament to result in a more intense, massive cyclone with deeper low-pressure prior to landfall1 that will hit a broad region with 50 mph winds and rain and storm surges as it barrels up the East Coast toward New York, in what some are calling the “storm of the century2, which led Cathypem to respond:

  • I love how they explain where the name Frankenstorm comes from but assume we all know what a      “gyre” is. I’m thinking it’s the gyre we really need to be afraid of, since it seems to precipitate the entire event!

Well, no I don’t know what a gyre is. So I looked it up:

  1. A circular or spiral form; a vortex
  2. A circular or spiral motion, especially a circular ocean current.9

In oceanography, a gyre is a (more…)

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