October 25, 2012

Scarecrow Hat Competition in Ligonier, PA.




Ligonier, Pennsylvania, is holding its 21st Annual Scarecrow Contest this week. The scarecrows are mounted on light poles in the center of town, around the Diamond where the gazebo is an iconic structure.

There is a competition for the scarecrows.

First place is Teddy the Toad and Miss Lilly, created by the Road Toad, a restaurant. Second place is Ma’am O’Graham, created by Westmoreland Walks, Inc. (sponsored by The Finishing Touch), and third place is Tailgaiting, created by Laurel Mountain Horse & Pony Club (sponsored by Betsy’s of Ligonier).

Community members can vote for their favorite scarecrow, naming a “Community Favorite.” This winner will be announced after October 26.


However, while viewing the scarecrows this year I came up with my own competition idea.

I’m known for two things: covering my head with a hat (This Hat and Hats Make a Statement) and using my trigger finger to shoot photos ). Thus, I decided to photograph the scarecrow hats.


And to create my own scarecrow competition: I invite you to vote for which scarecrow creation has the most

  • Ghoulish hat
  • Creative hat
  • Most attractive hat
  • Ugly hat
  • Scary hat

Below are pictures of the hats. Which hat do you choose in each category? Note your selection in the comment box below.





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