September 30, 2012

Making Sandwiches with Doughnuts, Not Bread?



You gotta be crazy!

 It’s afternoon. The children are famished. ‘Burgers are on the menu—the patties are prepared and cooking. The tomatoes, shredded lettuce, mayonnaise are laid out on the table. Suddenly you realize you neglected to get the ‘burger buns from the refrigerator.

You open the refrigerator door and look in. Nowhere are there any buns. What to do? ‘Burgers require bread.

On the counter there are six glazed doughnuts in a white bakery box with red lettering. Your husband bought a dozen of them this morning.

I recall recently reading the online magazine New England Travel from Kim Knox Beckius. In this particular issue she reported about the Craz-E Burger1, a hamburger sandwich made with glazed doughnuts instead of ‘burger buns.

Yes, I considered it crazy, but desperate times call for desperate measures, as the cliché goes. I wondered if it wasn’t a similar situation that the influenced the creator of the Craz-E Burger to consider substituting glazed doughnuts for bread when making creating the his ‘burger. Kim Knox Beckius wrote the following:

The Craz-E Burger was the gooiest, craziest, most decadent dish at the 2009 Big E…Want to know the truth? It’s pretty tasty.

To try this bacon cheeseburger on a glazed donut bun for yourself, head to the Big E, which runs September 14 through 30, 2012, in West Springfield, Massachusetts.1

The post had jiggled my imagination. Were there other sandwiches out there that substituted glazed—or any other kind of doughnut or breakfast treat—for bread?

Yup—I found more. First there was the Doughnut Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the 21st grilled cheese sandwich featured in April during National Grilled Cheese Month:

The name says it all, so we won’t go into too much else…

It’s a glazed doughnut, sliced in half, buttered and grilled with a slice (or two) of cheese in between… We don’t know if this is a sweet breakfast grilled cheese, a savory lunch grilled cheese, or just… a grilled cheese… The sandwich is a pretty balanced combination of sweet and savory. (We love using fancy foodie words like “balanced” when talking about junky-ish foods).2


Finally there’s the Morning Glory, a slight variation. It ranks #4 on the The 10 Craziest Food Abominations of All Time list. I say variation because the bread substitute isn’t a glazed doughnut. It is a glazed, fresh, gooey, delicious cinnamon roll that sandwiches sausage, egg, and cheese. Its 1,113 calories and 45 grams of fat might just hurry your journey to afterlife’s glory of heaven—which the word “glory” in the title of this sandwich might just refer to.3


I decided to quit surfing the Internet—the three variations of a doughnut/breakfast treat sandwich were sufficient for the cause—and return to making ‘burgers.

Perhaps you’d like to try one. After all, they are easy enough to make. If you do try one let me know what you think. As for me, with my heart problems, I should leave well enough alone. However, I might just beg a bite from one of my family’s ‘burgers so I know what it tastes like.

Now, I must finish preparing these crazy ‘burgers…



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  1. “Let them eat cake” 


    Comment by Fred Wells — October 2, 2012 @ 12:28 am | Reply

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