September 16, 2012

Questions to Ask Before Resolving to Lose Weight



Summer is easing into autumn. The season change encourages changes in lifestyle—hopefully, changes for the best.

While sorting papers I came across an article on questions Weight Watchers advises a person to ask before resolving to lose weight, before making a commitment, in order to come to a realistic goal.

Do you realize that you must make long-term, not temporary, changes?

  • If I’m only losing weight to fit into my wedding dress for my forty-seventh anniversary, and am not concerned about after the event, I don’t have to be concerned about making permanent changes. However, if I want permanent weight loss, I need to make permanent changes.  I aim for permanent weight control.

Do you realize that you must make long-term, not temporary, changes in the way you eat?

  • There are not too many changes I need to make in my basic diet, but snacking…cutting      down on popcorn…and taking smaller portions of food are points to work on. I’m cognizant that Moderation, not deprivation, is the key.

Do you realize that you must make long-term, not temporary, changes in how active you are?

  • As for being active…I’m basically a sedentary person who must work at being active, and some of the results are unwanted. Personally, I also don’t like working into a sweat. Exercise does not help me sleep better—in fact, it intensifies my sleep problems. Furthermore, continued exercise, to me, seems to offer a punishment: the more I exercise, the more time I need to exercise to reach the same heartbeat. That said, there have been positive results from exercise that keep me going, chief of which is that my arthritic knees are definitely improved.

Are you ready to look at your habits and pinpoint problems?

  • It is not sufficient to look at personal habits once. I keep reevaluating these habits, and, when pinpointing a problem, I attempt to make changes. One problem is my love to eat out, and my desire to dine at good buffet restaurants where pigging out is so easy. I must reduce the number of times I am tempted to visit these restaurants.

Are you choosing to lose weight for yourself?

  • Yes—I want to fit into some of the clothes I made in the past that I still like to wear. And I want to improve my personal health.

Are you willing to lose weight slowly?

  • Yes—but not too slowly. During my last exercise regimen I used the YMCA fitness room and swimming pool. After nine months I registered so little weight loss—perhaps seven pounds—that it was discouraging. That is just too slow of a weight loss.

Are you ready to be more active?

  • I truly don’t want to but I am ready. I returned to the fitness room and determined the weight and repetitions I could do on fourteen machines. I am ready to participate once or twice a week after Labor Day weekend. I am also committed to continue and improve my at-home exercise regimen.

Are you ready to be organized?

You mean you have to be organized to lose weight? Organization is not my lifestyle.

  • By preparing an exercise chart based on the YMCA machines I am headed toward      organization.

Are you ready to redefine the word “success”?

  • Redefine it how? I redefined success years ago. Success is a lack of failure. Success is making the effort. In weight loss, success is usually defined in the number of pounds lost. I need to lose 25 pounds. Success can also be considered to be physical improvement. However, these are side effects of the real success: daily participation in my exercise program.

The time has come…I’m ready to recommit myself to a healthier lifestyle through an exercise program. Are you?



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