September 4, 2012

Our 46th Anniversary: 2012



As we move towards our 50th anniversary (2016) my husband Monte discovered the fact that anyone wedded on a Saturday would celebrate their 50th anniversary on a Friday or a Saturday.

Why? Because of the way the calendar calculates dates. In the typical year, the date changes one day ahead each year—so the anniversary date for those wed on Saturday, September 3, 1966 would be on Sunday in 1967, and Monday in 1968. The fiftieth anniversary will fall on a Saturday.

But Leap Years, when a day is added to the calendar (February 29th) creates a situation where those married in certain years will celebrate their fiftieth anniversary on a Friday.

(That’s a physicist mind for you…)

This year, our 46th anniversary fell on a Monday—Labor Day, to be precise. For us, it was an unusual quiet middle day between Sunday and Tuesday, two days when we did what was more appropriate for a celebratory day.

Sunday afternoon we went to my son-in-law Michael’s annual Labor Day picnic. With rain threatening—and happening—he and my daughter Sandy set up tables inside their garage. There we feasted on a variety of picnic foods, including Michael’s famous grilled ribs. Everyone was given a ticket for a door prize. We played an energetic game of    with categories like entertainment and the 1980s, with correct answers receiving an extra ticket. Our friend Lois won a Pittsburgh Steelers container of popcorn—an apt gift for someone who likes both.

On Monday, our actual anniversary, we spent a quiet day, lounging around and doing little.

Tuesday, September 4th, was basically a work day. I returned to the YMCA, to resume an exercise program after a long break, in the morning. I intend to begin a once- or twice weekly agenda in the fitness room followed by lap swimming in the pool. I worked my way through fourteen machines, used the elliptical, and then swam twelve laps in the pool. This was followed by afternoon writing.

That evening we went to Mountain Palace, in Bolivar, Pennsylvania, for dinner. We’d dined  there last year on our anniversary. Monte suggested it because it had a vegetarian dish on their menu that day. It is a Chinese language and cultural center.

The restaurant was conceived by Lacy Cai to provide people the opportunity to experience authentic food from her native northern China. She is also committed to exposing others to the joy of exquisite. Chinese porcelain from Jingdezhen and detailed embroidery from Suzhou.1 While there we learned that Lacy had a Ph. D, in genetic research, earned in Japan, where she provided medical treatment for children. Currently, she works in diabetes research in Pittsburgh.

This year Mellow Mike, an open-mike music and reading group, scheduled their regular Tuesday evening session on September 4th at Mountain Palace. In spite of the fact that Monte planned to be up early the next morning to bake an apple-rhubarb pie for the New Centerville Farmers & Threshermens Jubilee apple pie competition we decided to head towards Bolivar. We had a delicious meal—Monte having a rice dish made with cashews and celery (normally chicken, too), and I dining on miracle dumplings with chives, bean sprouts and ginger. Meanwhile, Diane Cipa led the musicians in musical pieces and Joe Stierheim read the latest post on his blog, Diane also led a Beatles song in honor of our anniversary (I’d asked her to play a romantic song). Thank you, Diane.

When we left (early) it was pouring down rain with a backdrop of thunder and lightning.

And so another anniversary passes as we march resolutely towards 50 years of wedded bliss (and if you believe that I want to sell you an igloo in July).



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  1. congradulations


    Comment by Fred Wells — September 7, 2012 @ 7:18 pm | Reply

  2. Congrats on 46. Has Sandy started planning your 50th? We informed our kids they have nine more years to save for our 50th.

    Comment by Pam — October 17, 2012 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

    • She hasn’t said anything, but I must steer her toward your comment…and make certain that you are invited!
      Your Older Sis…

      Comment by carolyncholland — October 18, 2012 @ 9:12 am | Reply

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