September 1, 2012


August 2012 ended with a special late-evening event: a blue moon. I found myself walking up our gravel road, carrying my camera on its tripod, seeking an opening in the trees that offered a full view of the moon, and shooting the moon. The event was all the more meaningful since it was the day of Neil Armstrong’s funeral—a man for whom the moon has special significance: the first man to walk on the moon left us with the iconic statement one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Just FYI: a blue moon isn’t colored blue. It’s the name of the rare times a second full moon adorns the night sky in a single month.

The final two days of August began like spring water but evolved into a full boil—and the outfits I wore to town in the early morning added degrees to the afternoon heat. I’m not complaining, however. The last two weeks of August contained many days of perfect weather, which encouraged me to sit on my patio well into the evening.

The fabulous weather must have encouraged creatures to make their presence known. Three nights we were awakened by a bat flying through the house.

On August 15th our family had special visitors. A daughter my mother released for adoption as an infant, P., contacted me February 5th and while traveling from her southern home to visit family in New Jersey she and my new brother-in-law drove extra miles to visit Laurel Mountain Borough. We had a delightful evening getting to know each other in person. I feel sorrow that she, and the second daughter my mother released for adoption (my 2011 adoption story) both live so far away from Pennsylvania. To read more about these stories click on and scroll down through the posts.

During the second half of August I’ve returned to writing my novel, and have been successful in the daily time I’ve designated for this. I’ve also returned to a regular exercise regimen, and will return to the YMCA to use their fitness room and pool. I encourage you, my readers, to develop a health regimen also.

Hopefully, September will also prove to be productive not only in those areas but in moving forward in my cleaning projects.


…the young 20-year-old mother who was severely burned with hot oil when trying to extinguish its fire: in early August she was finally moved to a United States hospital, where she is healing. She will be left with numerous problems, some lifelong, after she heals. Continue to send her e-mail well-wishes at To read her story click on

For all my readers I wish a peaceful productive September.

Carolyn Cornell Holland

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