August 26, 2012

The Jelly Beans Restaurant (Painted Post, N. Y.)



Painted Post, New York

While fruity candy remains a universal favorite…candy makers are (creating flavors) to satisfy what scientists call kids’ “yuck factor”—the yuckier the better. …hamburger, horseradish or even grass, all of which are replicated in…jelly beans fashioned by Jelly Belly after Harry Potter’s favorite sweets, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans…1


     On our travels to Heuvelton, New York (beginning of May 2012) Monte and I registered at a motel near Painted Post, New York. It was not quite 4:00 p. m., so I selected a movie to watch. I expected it to be a typical two-hour flick that would end at dinner time. However, it was a double-length film that lasted until 8:00 p. m., too late for dinner. We gave up on the movie and drove a few miles to Painted Post to locate a restaurant recommended by the motel desk clerk.

It didn’t take long to locate the Jelly Beans Restaurant. We both ordered breakfast items—Monte, a veggie omelet and I, corned beef hash and eggs. Their food portions were generous and good. They even have horseradish sauce.


     The Jelly Beans Restaurant is a community restaurant with good food and a good atmosphere . Employees had painted spring flowers on the window glass. Hand-made banners hang from the ceiling. A painting—comprised of hands—was created by early, elementary school students.

     The waitress mentioned that a groups of students dine at the Jelly Beans Restaurant during field trips.

“They each have their own money and pay for their own meal,” she said.

One such group presented the restaurant with a creative art/history project—yet to be hung—of jelly beans with messages lettered on them. When I asked if it would be possible to see the work Monte told the waitress I was a trouble maker. However, she was happy to show us the project.

The students had made jellybean cutouts in different colors. Pasted on them was the different aspects of jelly bean history, including trivia about the Jelly Belly Candy Company, headquartered in Fairfield, California.


Before I close I must mention the neatest thing about eating at the Jelly Beans Restaurant was being handed a mini bag containing five miniature jelly beans—red, black, white—but no blue—when we paid our check.



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1 USA Magazine, July 2, 2001



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