August 14, 2012

A Rude Driver’s Apology



What is that car doing? Is the driver nuts????

A white van had suddenly cut in front of us, so close that even Monte jumped.

We were traveling west on the Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30 East) between Laughlintown and Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Monte was driving  in the left lane of the two-lane highway. And, for the split second the event took, he feared being involved in an accident.

Not far down the road we passed the van, which had returned to the right lane. He noticed that it was a woman driving.

“I’ve known that woman drivers are getting aggressive,” he said. “But you don’t expect them to cut in like she did.”


We came to a light and stopped. While waiting for its red to change to green I glanced out my window. The white van was sitting adjacent to us. Its driver, an attractive woman with neatly fixed dirty-blonde hair, was trying to get our attention. Her face had a stricken look.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry.”

“It can happen to anyone,” was all we had time to say before we had to join the traffic flowing after the light changed.

“Wow,” Monte said as another mile slipped under our tires. “This woman was truly sincere in her apology. I guess we were in her blind spot. You have to be so careful about those blind spots.”

And so we continued on in the glow of this woman’s sincere apology, knowing that this was truly a road event that most persons don’t get to experience.



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