August 9, 2012

The Story of Our Piano



There’s a piano sitting in my living room. It needs tuning. Benny, who lives in Amman, Jordan, is the only piano tuner I trust!

The piano was purchased while our family lived in New Castle. I’d set aside $800-$1,000 to purchase a piano that could move with us as we relocated. I’d been searching for several months when I found an advertisement for a spinet piano, $150.

I immediately responded to the ad, and drove over to the seller’s property.

“It’s a nice piano. Are you certain you want to sell it for $150?” It was way underpriced considering what I’d already seen in my search. It seemed unfair to take that great an advantage of her. Perhaps she didn’t know the value of nice used spinet pianos. Usually when you purchase an item from someone just wanting to clear stuff out of their house, through a newspaper advertisement or at a yard or estate sale, you expect to barter the price down.

She told me that no one in her family played the piano. She’d inherited (more…)

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