August 5, 2012

Writers Die With Pen In Hand…



Neither Illness Nor Age Deters Writers

     As many of you know, I’m working on writing a novel. At least, I’m trying to work on writing it. Its first draft is about twenty-five percent completed. Unfortunately the novel is steeped in history, which makes it necessary to keep facts straight and thus requires a concentrated effort to write.

It seems every time I return to its writing life interferes. Major life events that cause serious break times in the writing. And I often wonder if it will ever be completed, if I will grow too old to finish it…after all, I’m in the spring season of my life.

Reading about writers Addison Coffman, Ed Hayes, Jim Coleman, Evelyn Bitner Pearson, Claude Stanley Choules inspires me when these wonderings appear.

What things did these writers have in common?

First: Age

Each writer died after living a long life:

  • Addison Coffin, mid-80s,
  • Ed Hayes, age 86;
  • Jim Coleman, age 89; 
  • Evelyn Bitner Pearson, age 101, and
  • Claude Stanley Choules, age 110 .

Second: Their passion for writing

     Addison Coffman: For sometime past many of my companions of  early life have solicited me to write a history of my life, and my knowledge of and connection with the Underground Railroad, as I am now the last survivor of those who entered the service of that mysterious institution in or previous to 1835.

     The thought of appearing as an author or writer had not entered my mind at this period of life; I had not kept a diary, or even notes of the passing events, always depending on memory for reminiscences of the past. My memory has become a wonder to many people, and it is the impression it has made that prompts the request of many for me to write a biography.

Hayes wrote the syndicated Heydays column for the Orlando Sentinel for nearly a quarter-century…No matter what, he would sit at his computer and (more…)

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