August 1, 2012


AUGUST 2012 Welcome Message

I want to thank all my readers for their support. You helped my online magazine, Carolyn’s Compositions, surpass 170,000 visits on July 22. Our family friend Lois was on the computer when the count was about to hit 170,000. She clicked on some of my recent posts and we’re pretty certain that she became my 170,000th visitor.

With your help perhaps Carolyn’s Compositions can reach 200,000 by the end of 2012. Keep visiting and keep commenting (some people have told me they are having difficulty commenting. If you are having a problem, email me at chollandnews at

The dog days are upon us, although we seem to have experienced this weather since March (except for a short cold spell). I’m back to writing my novel, and new, helpful, information is now on the Internet.

During July I did a lot of cleaning and gardening. I’ve sat on our patio reading, writing, and bird watching. I’ve also attended concerts and events in the Ligonier (Pa.) Valley.

Since we are not traveling to the New England coast, I am settling for cooling off in our community pool.

I’m looking forward for interesting things to occur in August. Hopefully you are looking forward to interesting things happening in your life, too. Have a nice month!

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Carolyn Cornell Holland


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