July 26, 2012

Get Well Cards Requested for Samantha, a Burn Victim



On December 6, Samantha, a 20-year-old new mother, was boiling oil to fry something. Suddenly the oil began to smoke and a small fire emerged on the surface of the pan. Samantha grabbed the pan and turned in an effort to get it to the sink.

She was unaware that her husband Jordan had entered the kitchen and was standing behind her. When she turned the pan bumped against him, spilling its contents onto his back. The oil splashed back over her hand and arm, causing her to drop the pan. Some of the oil splashed onto her face and the remainder flowed down her legs and onto her feet. (to continue reading her story click on Get Well Cards Requested for Burn Victim

( )

Sam was not healing while in the care of the medical system in Puerto Rico. Her family was able, with great difficulty, to bring her back to the United States in mid-July. After seven months the burns were almost as fresh as they were when she was first hospitalized.

On July 19 her grandmother posted an update: She is in Illinois, arriving there with the help of family and the kindness of Delta Airlines pilots and stewardess’s. She has many months of surgeries, therapy, and healing ahead but she is now where she can receive the best we can get. The goal is to hope someday she can walk again, and perhaps regain some use of her right arm. Thanks to all who have kept her in your prayers, sent cards, and thought of her… Thanks to all who have kept her in your prayers, sent cards, and thought of her. Fran – Sam’s grandmother

Treatment with the hyperbaric chamber and Jacuzzi baths are bringing Sam more healing than predicted, but she will be healing for a long time.


There’s little you or I can do for Samantha except to continue sending her cards and messages that show we care and are thinking of her. Send messages and cards as follows:

By e-mail:

Or by snail-mail:

In care of

Fran Welts

P. O. Box 45

Forbes Road, PA 15633

Or give cards to

Carolyn C. Holland

     Might I suggest you e-mail your friends and relatives with the  link to this post ( ) so that they can also have the opportunity to send Samantha a card.



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Christmas…A Time When Safety is Overlooked:

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