July 5, 2012

JULY 2012

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JULY 2012

June 23rd. I went to breakfast at the Diamond Café on the Diamond in Ligonier, Pennsylvania—four miles from my house in Laurel Mountain Borough. The relaxing time included catching up with patrons I hadn’t seen much of this year.

Then I went shopping, purchasing a hummingbird feeder, a couple of plants, and some gardening items.

While out I semi-chastised myself for not being home to improve the mess my house was in. After all, our friends from Alabama were due to arrive on Monday, and my house was in no condition for entertaining. Oh, the bathrooms and guest room were ready. But we still hadn’t unpacked from our previous travels. There was barely space to sit down inside the house, and the yard was filled with litter from storms. The garden had a magnificent yield of weeds.

On my way home I realized that what I was doing was nesting. My husband and I had been away from home eight weeks this year—3 ½ in late February into March, four in May, and almost a week in June. We arrived home on the afternoon of June 22. Having postponed our travel to New England, we have no more plans to travel this year.

The travels in late winter and May were work related. The week in June was spent at Lakeside, Ohio, visiting with my son’s family (they rented a cabin for their church conference and invited us to stay with them).

Although the time away wasn’t in my plan for early 2012 there were many adventures along the way. I will be writing posts about several of them as July marches on.


July 1st 2012 marks a new beginning, the start of the second half of 2012. There are no travels planned. We postponed our plans to visit New England—doing so when so exhausted from the activities of the first half of the year would detract from our enjoyment.

Only June 30th have I begun to recuperate sufficiently to even write simple posts for this blog. I’m taking things slowly, relaxing and entering my routine activities as my energy returns. I hope to be back to writing my novel on July 15th, and to an organized approach to clearing out my excess stuff by July 20th.

I did sign up for the Ligonier Valley Writers Conference in mid-July. Usually I cannot attend because Monte’s family reunion is scheduled at the same time. This year the reunion was rescheduled in May.

A historical essay I wrote is being published in the Loyalhanna Review, a publication of the Ligonier Valley Writers.

Today I noted three tiny green beans and three tiny tomatoes growing in the small part of my garden that we managed to plant. The birds, squirrels, and chipmunks haven’t abandoned us—they are as plentiful as if we hadn’t filled the bird feeders erratically.

I will begin July on my patio with my cup of morning coffee, my newspaper, and my meds. My normal routine. And perhaps by August 1st I can report significant progress on my novel writing and my house cleaning.

Perhaps.  I’ll let you know.



  1. Carolyn, welcome back my friend 🙂 congrats on being published -Dmitri

    Comment by Dmitri Beljan — July 1, 2012 @ 5:22 am | Reply

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